New Diwali trends you can’t miss this year


Diwali has been a symbolic festival in India’s tradition and cultural celebrations for centuries. It’s an ideal time to be with family, hang out with friends besides following the annual cleaning and decoration of home, which are deemed necessary rituals. Some highly revered traditions observed during Diwali celebrations are Laxmi-Ganesh puja, the lighting of earthen lamps and the burning of crackers. These traditions and rituals have leaped from one generation onto another. In addition to the customs, many new Diwali celebration trends, which are readily adopted, are also resonating with the young Indians.

While the tradition of exchanging gifts is an old one and people prefer to celebrate this festival among family and friends, significant changes can be seen in this tradition tooGifting has been a part of celebrations to show love and cherish the relations with the near and dear ones and it is undoubtedly the best way to connect. People today are cautiously choosing eco-friendly and off-beat gifting options such as seedboxes, plants, recycled items and customized gift hampers rather than usual boxes of dry fruits or sweets, etc. Hundreds and thousands of types of such gift items are offered in attractive ways to millions of buyers, making Diwali a top occasion for shopping, fun, and frolic. 

What makes Diwali more fun than winning yourself a gift? No, we aren’t talking about scratching gift cards! Popular apps such as Likee are all set to make Diwali special for their users with the launch of their gifting campaign. This campaign is a perfect way to win yourself an exciting gift this Diwali. How does it work? – Very simple! As a Likee user, you can throw a challenge at your friends to guess a gift you would want this Diwali, with a few pre-set gifting options. With every right guess, users win a chance to win attractive prizes.

The mood during the festival is generally spirited, whether you are at work, home or anywhere. It is indeed a festival worth waiting for as people look forward to family reunions. However, recently, community celebrations are also picking up pace. Migrations from smaller cities to bigger cities for better career prospects have been visible. At times, these people are unable to visit their families and choose to celebrate this festival in the communities where they have temporary domiciles. So, if you are missing the trip to your home town, you can still get to feel the festive vibes at the community celebrations organized by residential welfare associations, or nearby community halls.

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