Nexus of Good spreads goodness, showcases extraordinary and inspirational work of leaders across sectors


01st September 2022:  Nexus of Good organized its Annual Awards ceremony in New Delhi in the presence of nearly  200 pre-eminent inspirational individuals who have been working for the betterment of the society.

The ceremony showcased the good work they have been doing in a variety of sectors directly affecting the lives of ordinary people. These outstanding leaders, who are either individual path-breakers or represent organisations adopting innovative methods for the good of the society, have been drawn from the four corners of the country, some from far flung areas. The diversity on display, both in terms of geographical reach and spheres of operation, demonstrates the multiplicity and pervasiveness of good work happening in the country.

The purpose of the ceremony was to recognise, appreciate, and disseminate the good work that is taking place all around us. While there were multiple entries for participation, the focus was on awarding individuals and organizations who have been taking initiatives backed up by positive impact, are replicable and scalable. Initiatives were selected by an eminent jury on the basis of a well-established and a transparent selection process. The criteria of selection included some key aspects like – relevance of the initiative in today’s time, geographical reach, beneficiary reach, impact of the solution, methodology, and innovation.

Mr. Anil Swarup, Chairman of the Nexus of Good Foundation, in his welcome speech said, “The objective of Nexus of Good is to identify good work being done around in the country by people from various walks of life and spread goodness and encourage them to replicate it.”

The chief guest Sh Yogendra Narain, Former Secretary-General, Rajya Sabha said: “There is so much positivity in every individual, but we fail to unleash it. With good work around us and within us, the first step towards building this nexus would be to initiate individual efforts towards good work for the society.!”

This was the first edition of Nexus of Good Annual Awards and this annual event will continue to celebrate goodness!

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About Nexus of Good

In today’s day and age, information is power. We are also getting bombarded by the volume of information. Anil Swaroop, former secretary of the government of India and author, believes that we all inherently know what is “good”. Yet we allow the “din of the devil” to drown the “good”. This brought the inception of the Nexus of Good movement. Good should come together and speak up to prevent evil from flourishing.

The essence of Nexus of Good is to identify, appreciate, propagate, replicate and scale up the good work and therefore we encourage people to join the movement and spread the good work. Goodness should not go unnoticed is the goal of the movement. Sharing a positive story every time one sees something good will take the movement ahead.

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