Organic food – a way of living a healthy life

Organic food

Since the last few days, the world is going through a tumultuous series of events creating a constant pandemonium among people. With the declaration of the Corona Virus as Pandemic by the World Health Organization, the world is at a point of breakdown. Many people have lost their lives while many are fighting for it. We all know prevention is always better than cure but are we taking enough precautions? At this point of time, it has become a necessity to keep oneself healthy and fit in order to have a strong immunity, all of which directly depend upon what kind of food we are consuming. If we want to keep ourself healthy and fit,  it is better to include organic food in our diet.

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Studies have proved that organic food is healthier as compared to the conventional ones. For one, these kinds of food completely lack chemicals or synthesizers which have harmful effects on human health. Organic food is prepared without using any chemicals and fertilizers and therefore helps in improving and maintaining our immune system. At this point of time, where we are surrounded by the danger of being affected with life killing viruses like Covid 19, it is utmost essential to consume organic food which will increase our body’s ability to fight against the virus and eliminate the infections caused by it. Additionally, organic foods are rich in antioxidant, which in turn enhances the immunity of the body.

Important Announcement – EasyShiksha has now started Online Internship Program “Ab India Sikhega Ghar Se” during this lockdown.

According to Mr. Atul Malikram, “Currently we are at war against Corona with our body as our weapon. Like a weapon, our body needs to be strong and sharp all the time. Organic food provides nourishment to us and is much better than other food. Also, organic foods are always fresh and do not contain any artificial flavors and chemicals. It keeps our body active and minds fresh and in turn, helps us to have a productive day.”
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a matter of choice. With the sudden turmoil of Covid 19 going around, we should take necessary precautions to save ourselves and our closed ones from this impending life taking disease. Remember a healthy body is a symbol of a healthy mind.

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