PeakMind takes a pioneering step towards building mental strength & performance of competitive exam aspirants through COMPETE

Addressing the need of JEE & NEET 2022 aspirants Coaches are accessible throughout on WhatsApp with structured daily engagement The nominally priced programme enhances students’ performance while improving their wellbeing and develops these skills for life


New Delhi, April 19, 2022 : PeakMind, India’s leading partner for mental strength & performance, makes its COMPETE program available to JEE & NEET 2022 aspirants. COMPETE provides direct access to a dedicated mental strength-building and performance enhancement coach via WhatsApp.

The programme aims to handhold students to gear them for productivity, mindfulness, countering stress, nervousness, performance anxiety, and setbacks, and make them adept with quick strategies for their performance improvement. The students can reach out to the coaches anytime to provide quick help and assessment. Over 5000 aspirants from leading schools and training institutes have already benefited and have rated it as 4.8 out of 5 for the exemplary solution.

The specialized scientific programme will assist the aspirants for competitive exams, such as JEE, NEET to develop mental strength & productivity. The COMPETE Lite program costs only 499 per month (less than Rs 17 per day). The coaches dedicate time every day to understand the progress of the aspirants and deploy effective strategies to solve their roadblocks in a very personalized way.

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Commenting on the launch, Neeraj Kumar, CEO, PeakMind, said, “We, at PeakMind, are committed to aiding millions of aspirants to achieve their educational and professional objectives by helping them maximize their potential, and consequently, performance. Competitive examinations can take a significant toll on young minds. While there are a plethora of educational coaching institutes to train students for the exams, our programs allow the student to achieve more with our proprietary PRIME framework comprising Productivity, Resilience & Mental Strength, Intellect, Mindfulness and Emotional Wellbeing.  This further instills confidence for driving higher performance. We are delighted to make this pioneering programme available to individual students, that will lay the foundation stone for over a million students and their families to bear fruit for their unwavering time, efforts, financial and emotional investment to achieve their dreams.”

This academic year, Peakmind is observing higher levels of stress among students due to multiple factors like Board Exams extending till June and overlapping with certain entrance exams, JEE date changes, JEE Mains attempts limited to 2 as against 4 last year, uncertainties caused due to last year NEET delays, students feeling under-prepared due to impact of pandemic and so on. Past studies indicate that over 60% of students are impacted adversely by the burgeoning exam stress, anxiety and under-confidence. Furthermore, a whopping 45.1% of students develop moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety, with a tragic 29% slipping into depression. Unfortunately, these symptoms often go undetected and impact the personalities of these impressionable minds, who are at the threshold of adulthood, for life.

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Through COMPETE, the students can focus exclusively on their studies, without the added burden of stress & anxiety. This would directly translate into their performance. It also inculcates life-skills for the future by teaching them the process of converting setbacks and disappointments into lessons and developing a positive attitude. Additionally, the programme will reassure the parents about the enhanced performance, but not at the cost of their wards’ health or overall well-being.

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