Most Reliable Water Tank Cover Manufacturers in India

Water Tank Cover

Water tanks are one of the most important and yet most neglected parts of a house. These tanks are present on the roof and they are exposed to the worst of natural conditions. A water tank needs to be properly maintained as it has the most important job of supplying water for the entire house. The most effective method of cooling a water tank is the use of a water tank cover. In India, there are quite a lot of Water tank cover manufacturers that provide the most superior covers for your water tank. These covers also help to increase the average lifespan of the tank as well. In this article, we are going to discuss the best Water tank cover manufacturers that you must consider to get your tank covered at home. Before that, we must properly understand the importance of using a water tank cover.

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Why Use a Water Tank Cover?

The water tank cover acts like a jacket for the tank and insulates it from inside and outside. These covers are made of a special UV resistant material and use a technology known as Flame Retardant Insulation Technology to keep the water cool. The most amazing thing about these covers is that they act as a temperature control all year-round. This means that they not only keep waters cool during summer but also keeps it warm during winters. As the work of insulation is that it reduces heat loss or gain. That’s exactly what the water tank cover does.

Moreover, they increase the lifespan of the tank greatly. For instance, a water tank cover protects the tank from direct sunlight, rain, and storm. Also, these covers are pretty affordable. There are many prominent Water tank cover manufacturers India that sell these covers.

Importance of choosing proper Water tank cover manufacturers.

In India, there are a lot of water tank manufacturers but all of them aren’t up to the mark. For the water tank cover to work properly, it is very important to choose the right product. There are only a few companies in India that supply water tank covers with Flame Retardant Insulation Technology. So, it is really important to do proper research before jumping to any Water tank cover manufacturers. We have shortlisted the best three Water tank cover manufacturers in India. We are going to discuss them in this article.

  1. Nova Guard

Nova Guard is a household name in insulation services. They are known for their world-class insulation services both for domestic and industrial use. A list of best Water tank cover manufacturers in India can never be complete without Nova. Some of the premium features offered by them are:

All water tank covers have 5 layers of insulation for best result

The covers are completely leakproof and there is absolutely no loss of water.

All the covers are intensely thought out to provide protection from global warming and harmful UV rays.

The covers prevent all reptiles from polluting the water

The covers are affordable and easily available both online and offline.

Additionally, they provide excellent customer support and help them through all sorts of issues. They are probably the best choice to make for the perfect water tank cover.

  1. Syntex

Syntex is one of the veterans in the plumbing industry. They are quite renowned among all the Water tank cover manufacturers in India. They have a special material that protects the tank from any harmful materials. The covers come with inbuilt filters that filter the water. They have made their name for their world-class customer services. Syntex ensures all services within 24 hours of complaint registration. They provide complimentary pest control of tanks with all of their water tank installation services. They ensure that no unwanted microorganism grows inside or around your tank.

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Syntex ensures ‘value for money’. All of their product prices are very sensible and ensure that you get the most out of their money. They also offer many attractive offers when you by the water tank and tank cover together. They name it as “customer loyalty bonus”. Thus, we can conclude that if you want the best product with most seamless service solutions then Syntex is the way to go.

  1. The Sheetal Group

The Sheetal group is one of the leaders in water tank solutions and solid waste management in India. They have set their mark in the list of best Water tank cover manufacturers in India. They have over thirty years of experience in water tank cover manufacturing. Some of the prime features of the covers manufactured by Sheetal group are:

The cover contains multiple layers of insulation

All of the water covers made by Sheetal group are UV resistant and FDA approved

Their product range is very flexible. Thus, the covers are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors for customer satisfaction.

Their product goes through an intense quality check to prevent any type of compromise. They are also the leader in Water tank cover manufacturers for industrial use. Thus, Sheetal group is quite a good option to consider for your house.

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Taking a Conclusive Look at the Best Water Tank Cover Manufacturers

The water tank is responsible for supplying drinking water to the entire building. So, the safety of the tank is very strong. The above-mentioned companies are really serious when it comes to providing the best water tank for your house and industry. If we had to choose the best then we would probably recommend Nova guard as they have the most exceptional product. They also have the most experience in this field. They also provide online support to all their customers to ensure that distance doesn’t become an issue to water solutions. So, we can conclude that Nova guard in the best among all the top Water tank cover manufacturers in India. They have proved this with their product quality and after-sales services all over India

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