Schoolnet India Launches Project Tejaswini to Bring Girls Back to School


The Project is led by the Jharkhand Women Development Society and supported by The World Bank

Jharkhand, India: Taking cognizance of the rising number of girls dropping out of school in India, Schoolnet India Ltd, a Noida-based ed-tech company that provides digital and digitally-led education services to schools and students, has been implementing Project Tejaswini- an initiative to encourage girls to restart their education in Jharkhand. The Project is led by the Jharkhand Women Development Society and supported by the World Bank.

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Among the many challenges that girl children in India face is being able to complete their high school education. The irony, and unfortunate reality is that despite education being a fundamental right in India, millions of young girls deprived of this right. According to a recent policy brief by the Right To Education Forum, 10 million girls could drop out of school, owing to various reasons, including the pandemic. In the long run, this could having a serious impact, putting them at risk of early marriage, poverty, trafficking, and violence.  Through Project Tejaswini, Schoolnet India has created an environment and structure to get adolescent girls and young women aged 14 to 20 years who were compelled to drop out of school, back to the classroom to complete their education. Girls who have been away from school for more than 18 months, will be encouraged to pass grades VIII and X. At the end of the day, the goal is to help them lead productive lives, build a comfortable routine for themselves, and do away with the social disparity between men and women.

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Through a three -day training workshop of bridge educators, Schoolnet India identified adolescent girls across 6 districts in Jharkhand to enable them to go back to school. These girls are then educated in a fruitful and effective manner, through months of training so that ultimately they gain substantial knowledge for further working as a professional. The project also promises a National Institute of Open Schooling certificate granted at the end of the process. With Project Tejaswini, there is hope that girl children will be uplifted, and that they can enjoy the independence that comes with having an education and chalking out a career path for themselves.

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