The upcoming edition in association with the Aditya Birla Group will spotlight 24 speakers and will be hosted at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) on 4th June 2023

Mumbai, 22nd May 2023: TEDXGATEWAY, India’s largest platform for breakthrough ideas, and conversations presented in a radical format, is scheduled to take place in Mumbai on Sunday, 4th June at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA JBT).

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Known to bring together an exceptional list of creators, thinkers and catalysts from across the world, this edition too will play host to individuals – on stage and in the audience, who through their work, have reimagined and revitalised the will to challenge the world we live in.

Attendees who have previously been witness to this exchange have described their time at the events as one that offers a glimpse into the future, in the company of those creating it. Accepted globally as a platform for the exchange of ideas, TEDXGateway 2023 will continue to give firsthand access to ideas and conversations that have potential to propel us into a better future.

For the first time, this year, the platform will present the Big Idea Scholarship Pass by the Aditya Birla Group. If you are a young innovator with on your way to build the next big thing or a truth teller in the early stages of your career or know of someone who is, the Big Idea Scholarship & Pass gives you the opportunity to be present at TEDXGateway 2023 in the same venue as some of the world’s most enterprising and creative minds. Apply here.

This edition will also feature 24 esteemed Indian/International speakers from diverse professional backgrounds, sitting at the intersection of science, technology, humanities, culture, environmentalism, activism and more:

Anirudh Krishna – Public Policy Expert, Duke UniversityAchieving Excellence by Investing in Talent LaddersPolicy
Robert Katzschmann – Robotics Expert, ETH ZurichWhy is it Necessary to Build Machines that Resemble Nature and Humans?Soft Robotics
Alexander Macdonald – Chief Economist at NASAA New NASA ProjectSpace
Smita Sharma – Independent PhotojournalistTrafficking Of Minor Girls – Photojournalistic StoriesWomen’s Rights
Prof. Ramanan Laxminarayan – Epidemiologist, Princeton5 Biggest Key Threats Likely for the Next PandemicHealthcare
Naheed Farid – Former Afghan ParliamentarianWomen’s Rights in AfghanistanWomen’s Rights
Madhusudan Rapole – Clean Energy InnovatorTopic of conversation to be shared shortlyClimate Change
Agata Blasiak – Digital Healthcare ExpertThe Power of Digital TherapeuticsHealthcare
Kelly Wanser – Climate Innovator & TED SpeakerClimate Intervention TechnologiesClimate Change
Bharat Vatwani – Mental Health ActivistSocial Work led by EmotionMental Health
Mohit Raj – Prison ReformerPrison Reform with Prisoners as LeadersSocial Work
Arun Sundararajan – EconomistShould we own our AI?Technology and Social Transformation
Aadeel Akhtar – RoboticistBionic Revolution of Affordable & Quality Prosthetic DevicesInnovation
Daniel Bögre Udell – Language ActivistRevitalization of Languages and why is it importantLanguage
Michelle DrouinOvercoming the Intimacy Famine in the post- Covid eraLove and Intimacy
Moran Cerf – NeuroscientistCritical Decision MakingNeuroscience
Piyachart Phiromswad – EconomistUnleashing the Power of Ageing PopulationPolicy and Academia
Marco Tempest – Creative Technologist, NASACreating Illusions using AI and TechnologyAI And Technology
Rashid. K – InnovatorInnovation for Social GoodInnovation
Radhika BatraPreventing Permanent Blindness in ChildrenHealthcare
Deepa Unnikrishnan Aka Dee Mc – ArtistPerformance
Khatija Rahman + Sunshine OrchestraPerformance
Sahil Vasudeva – PianistPerformance
Tharanga Goonetilleke – SopranoPerformance

“TED has always been the cornerstone of innovation, insight, and storytelling. It has built a worldwide community committed to lifelong learning and to sparking positive change. As an extension of this thought in India, TEDXGateway addresses the curiosity, creativity, and enterprise of our audience. We have always passionately believed in the power of ideas that will change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. The upcoming edition this June in Mumbai, will be bold and brilliant — without apology. At TEDXGateway 2023, we’re shining a spotlight on 24 dazzling ideas from some of the world’s most extraordinary risk-takers and innovators. Attendees can expect a fast paced and curated daylong conference that will explore the most pressing questions of our time. The mainstage sessions will celebrate pioneers making power moves, and those who tirelessly show up as allies and advocates, setting in motion a community that is driven by curiosity, connecting both the speaker and listener.” said Yashraj Akashi, Curator of TEDXGateway and Senior Ambassador for the TEDX Program.

Speaking about the association, Percy Chowdhry, Director, Rustomjee Group, said: “Rustomjee is excited to partner with the upcoming edition of TEDxGateway and welcome the platform back in its physical form to Mumbai. Our philosophy at Rustomjee is to bring people together and form happy & healthy communities. And it is truly the power of ideas that have formed our blueprint for impactful change. Similarly, TED and TEDxGateway have been at the forefront of nurturing a global community – spanning domains, cultures, walks of life; and driven by curiosity. With this association, we look forward to an exchange of game-changing ideas that promises to set the foundation for our future.”

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About TEDXGateway:

TED has originally stood for Technology, Entertainment, Design — three broad subject areas that are collectively shaping our world. Today, it encompasses the full spectrum of human ingenuity. But a TEDXGateway conference goes beyond, showcasing important research and ideas from all disciplines and exploring how they connect. The goal is to expand the imagination, make unexpected connections, inspire conversation and set the ball in motion for meaningful learning and change. Its signature blend of innovation, insight, and storytelling has ignited a worldwide community committed to lifelong learning and to sparking positive change.

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