TERI University organises ‘Biotikos’ annual Biotechnology seminar on the latest breakthroughs in Climate Change, Health and Agriculture


TERI University organises ‘Biotikos’ annual seminar on the latest breakthroughs in biotechnology showcasing advance research in areas of agriculture, medical, imaging and sensor development

 New Delhi: September 28, 2017: TERI University organised the 7th Biotikos, its annual biotechnology seminar where masters and doctoral level students showcase and generate awareness about latest breakthroughs and current issues in the field of Biotechnology. Organized by TERI University Biotechnology Society (TUBS), Biotikos was initiated in the year 2011 and was inaugurated by Dr. M.S. Swaminathan. Since then this programme is organized each year to encourage students to pursue education and research in Biotechnology and contribute to research and development in this fascinating area.

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The theme of this year’s Biotikos event is Trends in Nanobiotechnology. The objective was to highlight the important role played by nanotechnology in the modern society, and its relevance to the contemporary imperative of sustainable development.

Nanobiotechnology is growing as an independent discipline and it is adding a new dimension for the growth of biotechnology. Perhaps, nanobiotechnology is most revolutionary and multi-disciplinary field of modern science and has great impact on society through various applications in agriculture, medical, imaging and sensor development. This technology, with the help of medical and biotechnology tools has been used to diagnose, image and deliver the drugs to target cells. This event includes a series of lectures, panel discussion, quiz and poster presentations across various domains of nanobiotechnology such as nano-material, nano-bioscience, nano-medicines, agriculture, environmental nanobiotechnolgy, nanobiosensors, etc.

Biotikos 2017 was inaugurated by Dr. Manoj Kumar Patairiya, Director of the CSIR-National Institute of Science Communication And Information Resources (CSIR-NISCAIR), New Delhi, along with TERI University’s Vice-Chancellor Dr. Leena Shrivastava and Dr. Alok Adholeya, Director, TERI Deakin Nanobiotechnogy Centre.

In his inaugural address to the students and faculty of TERI University, Dr. Manoj Kumar Patairiya, Director, CSIR-NISCAIR stressed that young scientists and students should be able to pursue a vision of cross disciplinary communication between sciences, media, governance and publication for scientific advancement and socio-cultural excellence that creates awareness in the society around newer scientific advancements. He said, “In-campus research-based learning is the best way to tap youth towards improving and conducting innovative research in the interdisciplinary areas of biotechnology. Initiatives such at Biotikos create opportunities for students to engage in multi-disciplinary research where they learn biotech science while integrating engineering, medicine and science, to provide solutions for human health, agriculture and environmental technologies. Such efforts go a long way to produce human resource tailored to drive innovation in biotechnology, particularly in areas of new opportunities and also to fill talent gap in deficient areas for the country in the long run.”

 Dr Leena Srivastava in her address said “India has leapfrogged to a global “knowledge-based economy” and must maximize the potential of biotechnology for the benefit of the economy, society and the environment. There are new challenges in this sector including a growing demand for healthy, safe food; an increasing risk of disease; and threats to agricultural production from changing weather patterns. However, creating a bio economy is a challenging and complex process involving the convergence of different branches of science. I am glad that at TERI University through Biotikos students have given equal importance to the societal issues associated with nanotechnology and to improve awareness around it.”

 Dr Alok Adholeya in his address emphasized that today there is an urgent need for India to innovate in nanobiotechnology for solutions towards sustainability. “Keeping in mind deteriorating soil health, growing demand of food, water safety that are the biggest challenges, forums like Biotikos has been making significant strides in creating awareness towards the need for developing nanonutrients, nanopesticides and nanoformulations to achieve sustainability and  innovate solutions for cleaner and greener energy”

The Department of Biotechnology at TERI University is committed to the furtherance of the scientific enterprise through the establishment of a vigorous research programme, and to contribute to post-graduate level academic programmes to cater to national requirements in basic science as well as agricultural and environmental applications. It offers both masters and doctoral programmes that are academically rigorous and have an interdisciplinary environment with significant emphasis on laboratory work, emphasizing original, creative thinking and research. Further the TERI-Deakin Nanobiotechnology Centre established in 2011 by TERI’s Biotechnology and Bioresources Division in collaboration with Deakin University, Australia gives students the opportunity to understand agriculture, biotechnology, green energy, bioremidiation and nanotechnology along with Deakin’s expertise in material, chemical and physical sciences.

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The two day event will see a host of experts from the academic, government and renowned institutions talk about interdisciplinary research, technology and process development, skills training and industry interface.

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