The Class of One Goes Global; Introducing the UK curriculum for Classes 1 to 8 starting from July this year


Online only school The Class of One is planning to integrate UK Curriculum into the academic syllabus for Grade 1 to 8 students. It will start in July this year.

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The UK Curriculum structure has been specially designed to provide holistic and value-based learning to The Class of One students. 

Creating an all-inclusive and appropriate International Content available to TCO1 students across nations is the primary agenda for the introduction of the British Curriculum.

The components of the TCO1’s UK curriculum have been systematically underlined to meet Pearson’s world-class qualification principles.

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Divya Jain, Founder, TCO1, said, “The UK curriculum has been incorporated into the academic fulcrum for students to have an exposure to International Content Design. Language barriers should not create impediments in the flow of overall scholarly learning, and we at TCO1 firmly believe in it. The upcoming curriculum will promote diversified understanding and eliminate all exclusions or inequalities in the education impartment. 

It is one of the crucial steps we have taken to elevate Indian education to global standards. It advocates cross-cultural exchanges between different communities through the medium of education and academic learning.”

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