The Class of One organises a national-level competition, ‘Hyderabad’s Got Talent’; 25th Nov is the last date to register


India’s leading online school and fastest-growing ed-tech start-up valued at over $10 mn, The Class of One (TCO1), is set to host a series of national-level competitions named ‘Hyderabad’s Got Talent’, which will be ‘Open for All’ students from Nursery-KG to Class 8th. The vision is to provide a viable platform for a sea of young talent to showcase their wondrous abilities and give them an opportunity to earn the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

The online competitions have begun, and the competition submissions are taking place in full swing. As soon as the students learnt of the announcement, enthusiastic participation was recorded. The mode of auditions and selections is being done virtually, while the final competition will be held in Hyderabad in a physical format. The last date for form submission is 25th November. The link to the form is available on its website.

There will be two competitions for Nursery-KG students within the age group of 3-6 years. The first one will be Fashion Fiesta, in which the participants will be required to create and design costumes with the help of one family member. The second one has been titled ‘I’m the One’, a Talent Show which will give selected students an opportunity to present their talents in front of an esteemed judge panel, which will include Oxford University Press and Torrins. Oxford University Press and Torrins are the Curriculum Partner and Music Partner of the show, respectively.

For Class 1- Class 2 students, two competitions will take place. Doodle for ‘O’ne , the first competition, will test the drawing and artistic skills of participants. They will be supposed to do Freehand drawing with a conceptual twist. The drawing should be within the letter “O” and pass on a motivational and inspirational message. The competition will test the presence of mind and creative fount of children. There will be a separate Talent Show organised for them, with the same moniker, I’m the One.

Class 3- Class 5 students have been classified into a separate category. Two competitions are open for them as well. First is the Talent Show. Another one is called to be ‘Story Weaver’ for creative writers. Students will be allowed to write in three specific literary formats, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Prose. They have to create an original and creative story on the above guidelines and without the use of any plagiarism.

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The last student category is made for Class 6-8 students. The first competition designed for them is ‘Sold in 90 Seconds’. In this innovative competition, students will be asked to compose a jingle or make an advertisement to sell a product. The content should be entirely original, and usage of any existing brand name is strictly prohibited. A Talent Show will also be held for them to display their talents.

 Divya Jain, Founder and Director, TCO1, said, “The Class of One has come up with a national-level competition specially dedicated to celebrating the talents of young children, poised to be the future of our country. We are aiming to give students a valuable forum to discover and exhibit their creative potential. We are elated to see the participation of so many students and wish them the best for the competition.”

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