The Class of One puts up a special assembly for students on International Dance Day


Noida-based e-learning platform, The Class of One, organised a special assembly on the occasion of International Dance Day to showcase a variety of dance styles from around the world and highlight the beauty and diversity of multiple dance forms. The special assembly started with a morning prayer. The program also saw teachers teaching students about the concept of dance as “the hidden language of the soul”, expressing a wide range of emotions, including happiness, sorrow, and anger. The event also emphasised the healing power of dance and how it can spread joy and happiness.

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During the assembly, the students of TCO1 showcased a stunning dance performance that captivated the audience. The students also gave a positive message about the significance of dancing to give oneself and spread happiness around. The dance teacher took a unique initiative by introducing a Prop Dance using a Teddy bear Prop, which brought active participation from all the students from Nursery to Grade 2. The whole aura of happiness, positivity, and wellness was spread amongst the audience.

The students from the middle wing showcased spellbinding performances, which drew praise from one and all. The Class Of One also organised a session on “Let’s Identify”, where students tried to identify the Classical and Folk dances of India with the help of hints. The event concluded with the flash mob that poured energy into the learners for the entire day.

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Talking about the special assembly, Divya Jain Director, The Class Of One, said, “The event was a huge success in celebrating the beauty of dance and its importance in our lives. We were delighted to host such an extraordinary special assembly celebrating different aspects of dance and the healing energies it produces in our bodies and minds. The students displayed amazing performances, and we are glad we could provide a platform to showcase their talents.”

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