The Lexicon Schools celebrated Inclusivity and Diversity in their Annual Day


Pune, December 9th, 2022: The Lexicon Schools hosted their Annual Day celebration with pomp and splendour like every year, giving children a chance to showcase their talent and skill to a large audience of 1000+ parents and relatives.This year, the theme for the Annual Day Celebration was India at 75, depicting the progress made by our nation 75 years after gaining freedom and independence from the colonial rule.

The Annual Day held on the 8th & 9th of December had performances from the students of Lexicon Rainbow Therapy & Child Development Centre along with The Lexicon Schools students. The Lexicon Schools epitomize the spirit of inclusivity for all students. Rather than trying to force every child into the stereotypical cookie cutter mold of the perfect child, Lexicon celebrates students’ differences.

Lexicon Rainbow Therapy and Child Development Center offers therapy and social integration for children with Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Learning Disability, ADHD and other developmental disorders.

Some children experience an overstimulation of sensory stimuli i.e., sounds, lights, sensations seem to overwhelm and irritate some children. In such cases, performing onstage before large crowds, accompanied by loud music and bright lights can be stressful for children. The children may cry, cover their ears or rock back and forth. For a child experiencing under stimulation of sensory input, waiting in line to perform for a show can be very difficult. Moreover, children get distracted soon, want to run around and explore the lights and sounds coming from the stage but are prevented from doing so as it disrupts others’ performance, and this makes children restless and cranky during performances.

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“Despite the change in environment and situation, all  our students participated in the Annual Day with eagerness and gusto. Consistent practice and gradual exposure to the new setting helped to ease the anxiety and fears of the children.”,said Dr Isha Soni, Senior Occupational Therapist and Centre Head, Lexicon Rainbow.

The children were given whole hearted support by the students and teachers of The Lexicon Schools. The Principal, teachers and support staff from the Lexicon School were respectful and understanding towards the students fulfilling the need for inclusivity among all and celebrating each child’s diversity.

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Mrs Monisha Sharma, Co-founder & Director, The Lexicon Group says, “I believe that each child is different, unique in his/her own way and has some or the other strengths. We as a society must encourage, motivate, support, embrace and celebrate all children irrespective of their uniqueness. What better way than to start it now with our students to ensure an inclusive society and growth for all. I urge all to accept and spread awareness about the challenges faced by children with Autism, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, Learning Disabilities and help them get involved in the society with love and compassion.”

The students, parents, staff and the support staff of The Lexicon Schools and Lexicon Rainbow came together to put a stupendous show. The excitement and vibrancy bringing cheer to everyone present there and making the environment an extremely happy one. It was amazing to see the camaraderie of the students, teachers and parents. The confidence of the students left the audience awestruck!

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