The Lexicon School’s students unleash their creative talents by publishing their books on various platforms


Pune, March 28th, 2022: A popular quote “Creativity is the key to success in the future, and primary education is where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level”, stands true to the dynamic team of educational experts at The Lexicon School’s two students- Shreya Ramasubramanian and Raoul D’cunha from class XI unleash their talents and make mark by publishing their books on various platforms. 

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Shreya has published her book ‘Snippets of Life’, while Raoul is the author of the book ‘Defying the Odds’. It is no secret that a child’s mind is full of creativity and imagination. At the Lexicon School the motto ‘Believe in Yourself’ is widely practiced and instilled in every student so that they are able to reach their full potential. The team at Lexicon believes in training students right from a young age through holistic learning practices so that they have the opportunity to reach greater heights in their educational journey and have a positive approach towards education. 

Other than publishing her recent book ‘Snippets of Life’, Shreya is also a passionate singer. She aspires to be a psychologist, writer and a musician in near future. She has already contributed to several books such as Connected Constellations, Dine with Valentine, and the Feminist. Apart from his recent published work ‘Defying the Odds’, Raoul has his own Youtube channel where he hosts a podcast and has interviewed several guests. He has also participated in over 75+ MUNS and taken up every role needed to make an MUN a success, such as an Executive Board Member, Organizing Committee Member, Delegate, CEO, Secretariat Member, Head of Departments, etc. Raoul is also an Advanced level chess player, Skilled Guitarist who plays Spanish, Fingerstyle and Chord compositions.

 “Empowering students to take flight and excel by choice is incredibly an important perspective that transcends classroom learning at Lexicon. Our students love to explore, teachers chisel, sharpen and motivate the students to chase their dreams. I am very happy to see our children shining which proves our motto “Believe in Yourself””, says Mrs. Anju Luthra, Deputy Director- The Lexicon Schools & Principal-The Lexicon International School, Wagholi

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At The Lexicon School, learning is made fun, creative thinking is at the crux of learning, and students are given the opportunity to experience holistic growth. Child-centric teaching and learning form the base of their system and every student is shaped for a better and brighter future. 

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