Top 3 Certifications Available At JD Institute


Having a formal education in fashion design has its perks. The leading fashion hubs are on the constant lookout for candidates who hold degrees from reputed fashion institutes. JD Institute is one such leading college of fashion and design offering a host of certification courses. Whether you are a fashion aspirant or a professional, the certifications equally benefit all. 

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To make it easier for you, here is a list of the top 3 certifications available at JD institute. 

Apparel Boutique Management: Apparel boutique management course is ideal for those who have plans to set up a boutique. The course focuses on familiarizing learners with the fundamentals and technicalities of establishing a boutique. In addition, it enables them to provide tailor-made designing solutions to people of varying tastes, and fashion needs. Under the guidance of highly experienced faculty, the students seize abundant opportunities in the women’s wear segment. Integrating practical abilities with theoretical knowledge is one of the key highlights of this 6-month course. 

Why You Must Opt for Apparel Boutique Management?

  • From launching to logistics involved in a boutique business, the course teaches you all. 
  • It is appropriate for women who are keen to design women’s apparel in unique designs and variations.

Garment Manufacturing Technology

A garment is a combination of more than one element. Having a proper understanding of these components is a must before going into the technical aspect of garment manufacturing. This is what JD institute’s garment manufacturing technology certification is designed for. It aids students in understanding the role of different fabrics and elements in the manufacturing of the final product. Over the past decades, numerous students have enrolled in this course at the fashion institute and have successfully launched their fashion labels. Most importantly, the course teaches the techniques of operating an industrial sewing machine, which is the basic skill in designing a garment. 

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Why You must opt for Garment Manufacturing Technology?

  • Enables learners to create original designs and variations by using several elements of a garment together. 
  • Provides you an Ability to differentiate between the right and wrong finishing of multiple fabrics and apparel.

Pattern Making Technology

A design or a pattern is what makes the difference in the making of a garment. Creating original patterns is not easy. But JD institute’s Pattern Making Technology certification imparts you this skill with personalized attention and interactive learning sessions. The course teaches the key principles of pattern making that open up new possibilities of discovery and exploration for the learners. In three months, the course equips students with the necessary skills required to become celebrated pattern developers. 

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Why you must opt for pattern-making technology?

  • To fully understand the nuances of pattern making technology
  • Provides you a detailed insight into how patterns and design influence the psychology of a buyer.
  • Offers you a rare opportunity to work with fashion boutiques, design hubs, and labels. 

Hope you found this information useful. Feel free to write to us in case of any queries or assistance required. We shall be glad to assist you in every way possible.

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