Troopel becomes the first media platform in the country to boycott Chinese products


While the whole world is fighting against the Corona Virus pandemic, China who is being accused of designing the “COVID 19 virus” looks to be recovering from this outbreak. Many experts seem to think this as a considered move of China against the powerful countries while some are calling it a ‘trade war’ in which China wants to paralyze the economy of the US and European countries by using a biological weapon. At present, around 200 countries are facing the impact of the Corona pandemic. In India, Corona Troopel infected persons are increasing to a large extent because of which the animosity against China is increasing day by day. Hitherto, there were many discussions on boycotting Chinese products but now it has taken a whole new form.

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Mr. Atul Malikram, Founder of an online media channel, has issued a video message announcing that he and all his employees are discarding the use of Chinese products with immediate effect. The channel has stopped using Chinese products including its Tiktok account, mobile phones of brands VIVO, OPPO, MI.

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Since the past few years, many people across the country have been protesting against the use of Chinese products but it is the first time that an online channel has taken steps in this direction. The channel is also urging people and other organizations to be a part of this campaign. It should be noted that even amid this worldwide outbreak, China has separated itself from the world and is taking advantage of the distress of affected countries.

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