What happens if you have multiple IVF Failures, don’t lose hope


-Ovarian and Endometrial Rejuvenation through PRP gives hope to prospective parents-

Bangalore, August 17, 2023: As we stand at the crossroads of conventional and pioneering fertility treatments, Ovarian and Endometrial Rejuvenation through PRP emerge as harbingers of a new era. In the ever-evolving realm of fertility treatments, these groundbreaking techniques have emerged, as a beacon of hope for individuals striving to embrace parenthood. Beyond its remarkable efficacy, the cost-effectiveness of this method makes fertility treatments attainable for a broader spectrum of hopeful parents. These transformative procedures not only rekindle hope but also reshape the narrative of parenthood, inviting families to embark on a brighter, more promising chapter. In the quest for conception, science and compassion converge, instilling renewed faith in the miracle of life.

Meet Keerthi (name changed), a resilient 26-year-old who had lost all hope of becoming a mother after multiple IVF failures. With this, she too became a victim of constant societal pressure. It was at this juncture that she turned to the expertise of Dr. Deepthi Bawa, a luminary in the field of Gynecology, Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic Surgery, and Reproductive Medicine & IVF at SPARSH Hospital, Bangalore. Keerthi was introduced to the groundbreaking and cost-effective procedure of Ovarian Rejuvenation, celebrated for its remarkable success rates and also for its affordability. This innovative approach involves injecting freshly prepared plasma into the body, with the aim of enhancing both the quality and quantity of eggs. By doing so, it provides an alternative to conventional options like surrogacy or IVF. This procedure resonates particularly with couples yearning for a natural conception journey, potentially bypassing more invasive interventions. The waiting period of three months post-procedure emerges as a key to unlocking the doors to positive outcomes. Keerthi’s unwavering determination was rewarded when she naturally conceived, finally embracing the cherished dream of motherhood.

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In a parallel narrative, Aastha’s(name changed) journey takes center stage. Having weathered the storm of a miscarriage and grappling with a non-functional uterus, Aastha was on the brink of considering surrogacy. However, her profound insights suggested a different path – Endometrial Rejuvenation. Through this procedure, plasma is skillfully injected into the uterus, sparking a rejuvenation of the uterine lining and optimizing conditions for embryo attachment. Months after the procedure, Aastha’s uterus lining was rejuvenated, paving the way for her to conceive naturally and embrace the joy of impending motherhood.

‘Delving into the world of Ovarian and Endometrial Rejuvenation, the promise they hold for reshaping fertility treatments is apparent. The heartrending case studies of Keerthi and Aastha underscore the significance of proactive measures in the realm of fertility. While the journey towards parenthood is often fraught with challenges for some people, these innovative procedures provide a glimmer of hope, illuminating the path towards a more promising future for families’, says Dr. Deepthi Bawa.

Ovarian and endometrial rejuvenation using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) shows promise in improving fertility and reproductive health. PRP’s growth factors may stimulate tissue regeneration and enhance blood flow, potentially aiding in follicular and endometrial development. Individuals considering this approach should consult medical professionals for personalized guidance and weigh the benefits against uncertainties surrounding PRP therapy.

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