Custom Essays: The Pros and Cons of ESL Writers


Choosing to use an ESL writer can be a hard choice to make, as it may feel as though it is a riskier strategy. Will the writing “flow” as well as the writing from an ENL writer? Will the writing make sense? Will the ESL writer use the technical language as well as an ENL writer would?

This article from a brand new kind of a custom essay writing service –, for example, aims to debunk some myths about using ESL writers before looking at the pros and cons of choosing an ESL writer to supply a custom essay.

The Myths

Some people believe that the writing done by ESL writers is of a much lower quality and standard because their understanding of the English language isn’t as good. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Many ESL writers have a really strong standard of written English which they have developed over time because they have had lots of practice. They have also had additional training in writing essays in English which ENL writers may not have had, as there is often the assumption that because ENL writers can speak fluent English then they can write fluent English (this is not the case!) A brand new kind of a custom essay writing service uses the best ESL writers in the market.

Pros of ESL writers

  • The cost of ESL writers can be 30-50% less than using an ENL writer;

  • ESL writers often have better availability and can be more flexible than ENL writers because they have fewer orders;

  • ELS writers can provide a more polished version of your own particular writing style because they understand what it’s like to have to write long pieces in another language;

  • It is often thought that ESL writers have studied harder, and continue to study harder than ENL writers. Whether or not this is true, what is true is that great ESL writers have a proven work ethic because they have already worked really hard to get to where they are. A brand new kind of a custom essay writing service – – uses only the best ESL writers with a proven track record in essay writing.

Cons of ESL writers

  • There are no guarantees when you hire an ESL writer that you are going to get a quality piece of work which makes sense, so you have to ask for a sample of writing. Samples of custom essays are available on;

  • Sometimes, whilst the content of the assignment may be very good the sentence structure, and use of vocabulary or other technical terms may be inappropriate

  • You have to work really hard to find the best ESL writers;

  • It can take much longer for ESL writers to produce the finished piece, as they generally work much more slowly than ENL writers.

A brand new kind of a custom essay writing service,, makes sure that they only use the best ESL writers to guarantee that the work produced is of a really high quality. Custom essays on are written by some of the best ESL writers available.