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A reprint is a copy of an article or the advertisement that is published on our website that you can use for educating your audience. Through the reprint you can provide good and valuable resources to your audience. The reprint that we are offering you here is of 2 types.

  • Hard Reprint
  • Soft Reprint

Hard Reprint:

Printing articles that is already published on our news panel on a glossy paper that will help you in educating your audience with custom desing and company brand on it.

Soft Reprint:

Just a little different form the hard copy. Here we will provide you same article with great desing and brand logo in a PDF format. That you can make copy of but without making any changes in original.

Reprinting Packages:


You can share link of article to your audience, reader or in your organization.


In this you will be provided with the feature of free pack and you can also have reprint in Hard or Soft mode. You can print the PDF to share it with your audience. Making change of the original PDF with alteration in it is strictly prohibited.
For Soft Reprint: 1000
For Hard Reprint: 3000


Can I link articles published here on my website?

Yes, you can always share link of the news or articles published here on your website, social media, in community.

Is there any way to publish my own article on EasyShiksha News?

Yes you can. Submit us your article through ‘Guest Article’ section or if it is your business story then submit it through Startup section.

Is there any limitation in number of copies I can make from PDF Reprint version?

No, after purchasing the PDF you can make as much print as you want but remember you can’t make change in it anyhow.

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