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We all know that giving great customer service is essential when it comes to keeping your clients happy, but what does great customer service entail? A few years ago, it would have meant being polite and friendly.

Nowadays, this is only the very bare minimum – your clients truly want your company to go the extra mile. But what is the extra mile? Think about the story about Nordstrom, for example. Back in the seventies, a man bought some tires from a shop in Alaska.

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He later wanted to return them, only to find out that the shop had closed down and that Nordstrom had taken over. Now, the company had no obligation to that client, but they allowed him to bring in the tires for a refund.

And not just a voucher or a promo code, but cash money. Even though this was more than forty years ago, the people in the town still talk about it, and Nordstrom is a name you can trust there.

As for the guy that brought the tires back in? I am guessing that he was a loyal customer for life.

Now, true, this is an exceptional case – we cannot all go around refunding our clients for goods that they bought at some other store. But there are a lot of other ways that we can go the extra mile.

In the infographic below, we have collected up all the very best customer service stories globally to inspire you to take a different look at what constitutes a great service.


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