250 youths of Muzaffarpur find employment

  • Women and disabled being empowered through job opportunities
  • Employment opportunities have emerged under the Digital India Programme of MeitY
  • Jobs under the India BPO Promotion Scheme have curbed migration of youth to a great extent

*Muzzafarpur,1st August 2020*:  India BPO Promotion Scheme has become a boon for those who had to leave their homes and families in search of a job. Hundreds of youths interested in BPO sector can now find employment in their hometowns. *IBPS is a scheme which runs under the Digital India Program launched by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)*. The Vision India BPO in Muzaffarpur, established under this scheme is a first of its kind organization employing more than 250 youths. Women and disabled have been especially benefitted through this BPO founded in 2016.

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According to *Vivek Kumar, the CEO of Vision India*- a company associated with human resource development that runs skill development programs in small towns, “We had always believed in the efficiency of this town`s youth population. We knew they would be capable enough to meet the work requirements in BPO sector once we trained them. But as in the case of all new startups, we were analyzing all the perspectives of this initiative. Our company conducted a survey which revealed that 56% of the employees working in the BPOs running in the metro cities belong to small towns. The main reason behind this was the lack of employment opportunities in these cities. This motivated us to open BPO centres in tier II & III cities and Muzaffarpur is one of them.

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IBPS removed all the barriers: Vivek Kumar adds, “Several obstacles came up during the process of opening BPO centres. The financial viability of BPO centres was the biggest challenge we faced. Fortunately, we got to know about the *IBPS implemented by STPI*. Many problems were solved due to the support given to us by STPI. Under this scheme, one can avail a benefit of Rs. 1 lakh per seat, provided they qualify certain standards set by the government. We have employed the youth while benefitting from IBPS. This scheme is not only directly or indirectly providing job opportunities to the youth but also putting a stop on their migration from this region.”

A golden opportunity for women and disabled:

A huge number of youths being employed are women and disabled. Vivek Kumar says, “The parents in small towns are hesitant in sending their daughters away for education or jobs. Due to this, many talented girls are denied the opportunity to get a job or showcase their potentials. This initiative has paved path for many girls to work in the BPO sector and prove their talents. Besides that, many disabled youths are making their futures bright by working at this centre. This initiative also helps in the all-round development of youth. They are trained in a manner that they can work and perform not only in the BPO sector but in any other industry as well.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the aim of IBPS: The aim of IBPS is to create a system through the expansion of ITES/BPO operations. This would boost the development, make the investment easy and attract the industrial world in such regions. *This initiative by STPI and Vision India in Muzaffarpur* has indeed pushed this region ahead in the field of ITES/BPO. It has not only reduced the migration of youth by providing jobs to them but has also socially helped them in carrying out their responsibilities towards their families.

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