5G Upgrades Taiwan’s Smart Machinery

Smart Machinery

5G is already here! So, what new developments and opportunities will the machine tool industry have? What exactly does 5G bring to the machine tool industry? The first thing it does is to create changes in the market demand for machine tools, electronic components and related products as those that do not meet the new generation’s communication standards are bound to be eliminated. Due to the current soaring prices of electronic component materials related to 5G, caused by rapid growth of the “digital economy” in relation to COVID-19, the commercial application of 5G has been ignited already. In this context, producing the machine tools that meet the needs of 5G product processing is equivalent to owning a vast market. 5G is not only transforming market demand, the development of machine tool technology and the interdependence between factory equipment and the change of the connection mode, it is quite literally the “Iink of everything” and ushering in a new industrial revolution.

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On the other hand, with the advent of the 5G generation, the global deployment of 5G base stations has accelerated. The research institute, Prismark, believes that the 5G generation stimulates the demand for communication printed circuit boards (PCBs), and a sharp increase in the demand for new generation communication. The PCB industry chain is one of the rapidly growing industries worldwide. According to the predictions of the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC), the global 5G manufacturing market will grow to US$42 billion by 2026, with the main application markets being equipment monitoring, AGV/AMR and digital twin.

Despite various countries gaining gradual control over COVID-19 and the resumption of production and of business for global enterprises, the economic damage around the world caused by the epidemic means full recovery will take time. However, although Dongtai’s machine tool-related business has been hit hard due to the pandemic, it has recently benefited due to 5G opportunities. The operation of Dongtai’s electronic equipment business has broken through the downturn of the first quarter and returned to its previous level already.

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C SUN MFG, another leading company with a Taiwan Excellence Award to its name, has also focused on new areas such as 5G. Their Mylar Peeler is a mechanical replacement for the PCB industry to manually separate mylar from the substrate to improve the performance of the production line and complete automated production. In addition, ATMA CHAMP ENT, whose ATMA name is a globally renowned brand of screen printers, has also benefited from the business opportunities derived from 5G communications. They specialize in innovative design to supply high-quality screen printers and other products, facing the market demand for customized, fully automatic production line equipment which can accelerate industrial automation and smart upgrades.

1. The design of the laser machine TLCU-660 from Dongtai can be used to meet 5G PCB’s requirements for large panels and special material laser processing.

2. The Mylar Peeler from C SUN reduces production costs, also the necessary equipment to achieve fully automated production.

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