The tutoring industry seemed to be gaining its momentum day by day because of its efficient and effective contribution to the educational drive of the students.

The current size of private coaching in India is about $23.7 billion and is likely to touch $40 billion by 2015, source Assocham.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works
How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

For hundreds of years, India practiced the Gurukul system of education where we had a tutor teaching the pupils in Gurukul. Slowly we moved on to the traditional method of “chalk-and-talk” and now comes the digital method of learning. Schools are increasingly adopting digital teaching solutions to engage with a generation of students with the help of PlayStations and iPads.

Not to forget, human interface is essential to retain the ‘Gurushishya model’ along with setting digital platform in place.

Indian education market is estimated to be worth 5.9 trillion. With nearly half the population of India below the age of 25 years and increasing penetration of Internet and mobile devices in this demographic, the growth of online education in India is undeniable.

Sensing a market opportunity, Vidyanext, founded by software and education leaders from IIT, IIM, & Harvard, the company’s mission is to change the way India learns. Vidyanext has more than 35 Vidyanext learning centres spread across Bengaluru and Gurgaon.They specialise in bringing a holistic solution to the problems associated with traditional home tutoring, such as long-distance commutes and safety issues.

Mr. Pradeep Singh, Founder and CEO, Vidyanext  would like to elaborate on the ‘Blue Ocean’ opportunity for the tutor, prospective tutors and the students.Enclosed are the talk-points  would like to highlight:

  1. Insights about the learning and revenue model of the company
  2. 70 million students is the market opportunity for VidyaNext
  3. In one year to expand to 5 metros and in 5 years 25 tier 1 & 2 cities
  4. Distinguish and establish Vidyanext from Flipclass, Vedantu, tutors,  Online Tutors and physical centers

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