AI-enabled Zamit organizes mental wellness workshop for teachers; guiding them to manage stress & anxiety


·         According to a recent survey conducted by Zamit, 55% of teachers grappled with everyday tasks due to work-related stress and anxiety

·         The webinar was conducted by Sonal S Raja, a well-known clinical psychologist

New Delhi, October 2023: In an initiative that truly commemorates World Mental Health Day and advances the subject of teachers’ mental health to the forefront of public discussion, Zamit organised a mental wellness webinar with a focus on teachers. The event put together by India’s leading one-stop solution provider for the school ecosystem and conducted by Ms Sonal S Raja, a renowned and trained clinical psychologist.

The webinar saw the participation of about 400 teachers and other administrative and academic support staff and even a few parents. The participants from across India and engaged actively, making the webinar an enormous success.

Notably, a recent survey conducted by Zamit highlighted that nearly 55% of teachers in India struggled to complete their regular tasks due to work-related stress and anxiety. Equally important and somewhat ironically, a substantial number of teacher-respondents had also acknowledged the increasing role of edtech that helped them to manage their work pressures better.  

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“With edtech fast shaping an all-round blended learning environment and with teachers having to constantly update themselves on a range of new tools, platforms, pedagogies, and instructional techniques, they already have a lot on their platter. Indeed, this has been an age of transition for them as they attempt to migrate from the hitherto mainly physical classroom environment to the new age ed tech-driven teaching and learning landscape. All of this is taking a toll on their mental health with the result there is a lot that they are going through emotionally as well as professionally. In addition to regular stress and anxiety, many young teachers are facing burnout much before their time today. So, in this backdrop, we are happy to have organised this webinar on mental wellness for teachers in the country. And World Mental Health Day has been just the appropriate occasion for us to organise this event for teachers,” said Mr Aarul Malaviya, Founder and Director of Zamit.

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“Teaching is no more a quiet, laidback and staid profession, as understood traditionally. In an age when students are getting ever more fiercely competitive and at remarkably younger ages than before – especially considering the uncertainty of the tech-induced VUCA world of the future – it is hard for teachers to remain insulated. As such, there is a dire need to address the mental health and wellness needs of teachers too. Only when a teacher is himself equipped well enough to handle the pressures of the job as well as those arising out of non-job situations, can he really help his students too. In other words, mentally strong teachers can shape and prepare mentally strong students for the future. Today’s teachers in addition to their curricular and extracurricular-related responsibilities, are also increasingly expected to take care of the social and emotional needs of their students. So, with the help of the webinar and other such types of training, as teachers become psycho-emotionally more stable, it improves their teaching effectiveness and efficiency, which in turn can lead to vastly improved learning outcomes in their pupils,” added Mr. Malaviya.

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