difference between bots and human users on Twitter


AI to spot difference between bots and human users on Twitter

In this blog, I am going to talk about AI to spot difference between bots and human. Artificial intelligence is being used to spot the difference between human users and fake accounts on Twitter.

It is important to filter out such information to get most reliable and accurate insights. A lot of firms and individuals have taken the game forward and used Twitter bots to automate and fasten the content delivery. A study estimated that the number of active bots on twitter can be as high as 15% of the total users.

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In the study, the researchers used a large Twitter database to analyse changes in the behaviour of human users and bots over the course of an activity session. The team reviewed two different datasets of Twitter users. The first dataset, labelled as French Elections (FE), consisted of a collection of more than 16 million tweets, posted by more than 2 million different users. These tweets were posted between 25 April 2017 and 7th May 2017. In this way AI to spot difference between bots and human.

In their analysis, the researchers examined multiple factors, including the amount of content produced by the user and their inclination to engage in social interactions on the platform. The results showed that real users responded nearly four to five times more frequently to tweets from other users than bots did. The team then combined these measures to train an existing bot-detection algorithm, called Botometer, on the difference in activity patterns. However, this data is analysed three years ago by the analyst of twitter, it is possible that bots have become more human-like in their activity patterns.

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