AIS Announces AIS Design Olympiad 2023-24


AIS Announces AIS Design Olympiad 2023-24  This year AIS Design Olympiad will be adopting a more futuristic outlook and challenging its young student participants to showcase their efforts in sustainability, ‘net zero architecture’ and global climate change. The registrations are currently open to all architecture students until 15th October 2023 and the finals will be held at a gala event in February 2024.

The competition theme invites participants to explore and experiment with new materials, construction techniques, and technologies that can push the boundaries of traditional architecture and design. Participants are encouraged to think about how their designs can respond to emerging challenges such as climate change, rapid urbanisation, and resource depletion, and how they can create solutions that are sustainable, efficient, and adaptable to changing needs. 

After the roaring success of AIS Design Olympiad 2022-23, the current edition promises lots of thrills in terms of innovative design, disruptive thinking and edgy concepts. 

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AIS Design Olympiad (ADO) will follow a rigorous process and every design submitted by the students will be judged by the keen eyes of a panel of some of India’s top architects, who are on the regional and national jury panels of ADO. 

Speaking about AIS Design Olympiad 2023-24, Mr. Vikram Khanna, COO, Architectural Institutional Business – Asahi India Glass Ltd. said, “We encourage you to think outside the box and push the boundaries of conventional architectural design. Your submissions should reflect a futuristic approach that is both innovative and functional. We are excited to see how you incorporate elements of sustainability, technology, and creativity in your designs. The competition provides an excellent opportunity for you to gain exposure and recognition for your work. It also serves as a platform for networking and collaboration, enabling you to connect with fellow students and professionals in the field.” 

Architect Vivek Bhole – Principal of Vivek Bhole Architect Pvt. Ltd. Curator and National Jury Member, AIS Design Olympiad 2023-24 added, “The theme of the futuristic design approach will ignite a wave of imagination and push the boundaries of what we once thought was possible.”

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Architect Karl Wadia – Senior Associate at Architect Hafeez Contractor, Curator and National Jury Member, AIS Design Olympiad 2023-24 added, “The presentations of futuristic designs in this contest should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but they should also address critical global challenges. The designs must seamlessly blend futuristic elements with practical functionality, creating spaces that enhance human experiences and foster a sense of community.”

AIS Design Olympiad 2023-24 aims to bring innovative design elements with the right product selection to develop energy-efficient building design proposals that work efficiently and comfortably in the Indian context.

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