Amity Mumbai Ignites Hope and Success: Conquering Student Life Challenges


The Department of Clinical Psychology at Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences (AIBAS) organized a seminar titled “Hope, Optimism, and Success: Overcoming the Challenges of Student Life.” The primary goal of this seminar was to raise awareness about the mental health challenges that students face and provide effective coping strategies.

Dr. Amresh Srivastava, a distinguished Psychiatrist and Professor Emeritus from Western University in London, Ontario, delivered the keynote address to an audience of over 500 students. The event was inaugurated by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. A. W. Santosh Kumar, who emphasized the importance of mental health and related issues.

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During his presentation, Dr. Amresh Srivastava explored the concept of “Mansik Shakthi,” highlighting mental health as a fundamental right. He presented compelling statistics illustrating the impact of academic pressures, substance misuse, and suicide rates on mental health. Dr. Srivastava also discussed the essential teacher-student dynamics that contribute to overall well-being and success, emphasizing the role of good mental health.

As part of the same event, Dr. Amresh Srivastava introduced a new book titled “Handle Life with Care.” This book serves as a valuable resource for students, focusing on suicide prevention and designed for the Mansik Shakthi: Student Mental Health Programme in India.

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