Augmented Security, The New Mantra to Draw Buyers

Augmented Security,

With the growing technology and competition it has become very important to provide people with novel and secure housing options. When it comes to attracting consumers to a great deal of investment, realtors have so much to offer that it can be of great interest to those who want a safe habitat for their loved ones. But the question stems up here that why this sudden shift in focus on safety instead of the earlier demanded opulence and posh localities?

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The demand of security is due to the increasing crime rate in tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities both in the interiors and outskirts. So, all housing projects are now planned along with scrutinizing the security measures that a project affords. Homebuyers are more concerned about the safety and security of their families at all times. Taping this demand of the society realtors have started using security features as a USP for publicizing their housing properties as one of the best ever secured homes.

Ajay Khetarpal, CMD of Sunhill homes pvt ltd. Says “Buyers, who spend big on their dream home, are very conscious about choosing the right project based on the security aspects. Consequently, developers are increasing their focus on security issues and have moved beyond gated communities. This is because while more and more residential areas have now turned into gated communities, this has failed to deter criminals as they are able to exploit security gapes to commit crimes.”  He further added that security systems being widely offered by developers these days include walled perimeter wired with adequate anti-scaling measures, intercom facility, closed-circuit TV systems at security gates, etc.

Security provisions like access control systems at main gates, tyre busters that can be erected in case of emergency, public address voice, evacuation systems, electronic alarms and social alarm systems for the elderly amongst others etc. are installed these days to beef up the security of secure homes. Not just this, apart from providing round-the-clock three-tier security within a complex of the garden city project in Gurgaon, realty major DLF also claims to have taken some security measures outside the premises.

“We have deployed guards on sector roads to allow safe and hassle-free travel to our valued residents. We also ensure that all street lights remain lit during power outages, through close co-ordination.”

“Besides patrolling by police we have deployed vehicle based quick reaction team (QRT) to deal with emergencies. Moreover, we get security audits conducted periodically with a view to maintain the best possible standards,” Monica kalvani, AVP (Sales & Marketing) of DLF, said.

It should be noted here that the security measures should be given the highest priority regardless of the cost of installation as the security of the residents is the key for the prosperity of a society. The only rider to this process is that the technology should be easy to understand as the safety technology will be of no use if the residents do not know how to use it.

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