Avalanche Rescue Op’s: Made in Gurgaon Robots will prevent another Hanumanthappa



  • ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ week, Mumbai 2016 witnessed highly developed Tele-operated Robots
  • PM Modi makes special visit to Hi-Tech Robotics Pavilion and praises the R&D Team.
  • Gurgaon based Hi-Tech develops CBRN-unmanned ground vehicle in collaboration with DRDO
  • CBRN would be very helpful in surveillance in difficult and harsh terrains like Siachen where the temperature drops to -50 degree Celsius
  • Robots can reduce deployment and aid in rescue operations
  • The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz won the Industrial Innovation award 2014 awarded by the Defense Robotics division of CII and It also won MSME National Award for Research & Development

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Martyr Lance Naik Hanamanthappa lost his struggle with life after a miraculous survival for 6 days in an avalanche which resulted in death of 9 other armed forces personnel. Robots is the future of surveillance and rescue operations. The Hi-Tech Robotics Private Ltd. has developed Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN)- Unmanned Ground Vehicle (CBRN) in collaboration with DRDO. The Vehicle is on display at the defence pavilion of the ‘Make in India’ expo at Stall No 5.7, Hall No. 5. The ‘Make in India’ week touted as the largest business expo hosted by the country was inaugurated by the PM Mr. Narendra Modi on 13th Feb, 2016.

The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz has co-developed the CBRN with VRDE, Ahmadnagar (DRDO lab). This robot can be used for saving lives of defense personnel in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear warfare and variants of this robot can be used for video surveillance, UXO handling & combat / anti-terrorist operations. At high altitudes with harsh environments, the robot can do surveillance and can aid in rescue operations where landing is not possible.

Mr. S. Radhakrishnan , OS & Director – Industry Interface and Technology Management, DRDO said, “Today Military technology is becoming more and more complex and Robotics is going to play a big role in defense technology. Today number of conventional systems is coming into autonomous mode and Hi-Tech Robotics who has been working in this area has got unique capabilities. Robotics is a multi disciplinary field and a good understanding of mechanics, automation, electronics, image processing is a must, it is a conclusion of all technologies into one and Hitech Robotics has excellent insight in each one of them. Hi-tech has taken technology transfer for the Daksh they are manufacturing. They have added enormous value to the product and DRDO is very happy with the support they have received from Hi-tech Robotics. We are proud of Hi-tech Robotics contribution in the field of Robotics and DRDO is looking forward to more joint developments and more challenging task with Hitech Robotics.”

Speaking at the sidelines of the event Mr. Anuj Kapuria, Director & CEO, The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Limited (THRSL) said, “ the state ofaffairs have changed drastically in the last one and half years, we foresee tremendous growth possibilities and we need to focus our energies to ensure a sustained growth in the robotics sector. DRDO has provided us an opportunity to develop technology which can strengthen our armed forces.””

Other than the CBRN- Unmanned Ground Vehicle the other robot (which can assist in the case of such natural calamities and reduce the need for deployment in harsh terrain) at display is the award winning MOLE – Mobile Robot for ISR operations. A surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) robot, it won the Best Innovation product award by Frost and Sullivan and has been successfully developed and delivered to various armed forces. It is a multi-terrain wireless surveillance robot, designed for personnel engaged in counter terrorism, law enforcement search and rescue amongst many other activities. It is a compact, highly rugged, highly maneuverable robot capable of rapid deployment. With its Tele-operation control, the robot can wirelessly provide clear real time video images and sound to the remote operator, which can be used for monitoring threats and also identifying enemy movements. It brings actionable intelligence to a remote location for strategic and tactile planning. It meets today’s security challenges by helping the person to view areas where human reach is difficult or not possible or dangerous.

With the Prime Minister of India propelling ‘Make in India’ at global level, indigenous innovation and development is also receiving thunderous response. In the field of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Control technologies, The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd. (THRSL) has taken an envious lead, being the first and now a pioneer in the aforementioned fields. The company has put indefatigable efforts in innovative technological research since its inception in 2004. With more than 15 patents under its belt, the company is developing solutions to bring in effective and efficient robotics system for mass utility, after catering to the needs of defense, homeland security, and industrial sectors.

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