Billabong High International School – GANIT WEEK


Ganit week was celebrated from 11th December to 15th December, 2017 in Billabong High International School. The learners of Grade 6th to 9th participated with great enthusiasm and were engaged in  different activities which enhanced their mathematical abilities.

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The objective of Maths week was to improve and expand the knowledge of each learner. The activities were designed to promote a fun way learning process which helped to improve the mathematical skills of each learner.

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The activities included different levels of Sudoku puzzles and the concepts of Vedic maths. Each learner solved the Sudoku puzzles and worksheets applying Vedic maths tricks with lots of interest.

The event culminated with the game called Mathabola enhancing their analytical and logical reasoning skills. All the students participated zealously and each of them gave a tough competition to the other .

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These activities were conducted for inculcating the interest of mathematics in learners. It was a non-routine way of getting learners involved in maths activities. The students showed immense gratitude towards the school for these innovative activities.

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