Boarding School Life – Solutions to Common Problems Faced by Children

Boarding School Life

Boarding schools imbibe in students discipline and self-restrain that gradually helps an individual to excel in his life. The disciplined schedules, stringent routines and never ending academic stress in boarding schools in India can sometimes take a toll of a student both emotionally and physically.  There have been many a cases where an individual succumbs to contrary circumstances at boarding school and falls in the hands of depression or evades from the harsh circumstances. The article throws light over the problems children face and their solutions.

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  1. Home-sickness: This is the most common problem faced by students of Boarding schools in India. The children in boarding schools miss the pampering and affection they get at homes by parents making it difficult for them to adjust and get in harmony with the changing environs. The situation won’t change, but yes you can change. The only solution to this problem is making friends. Just gel in with strangers and make them friends. Making your stay homelike, away from home is possible only with good and supportive friends. So just come out of your self-made shell and just shake hands with new people.
  1. Changed schedule and timings: Boarding schools follow strict routines and schedules. The nonchalant time schedules you follow at home are not possible in boarding schools. Hence making your stay here a bit bitter. Now what you have to do is mould yourself according to the time-plan. Manage timings according to the school routine; take guidance from mentors and wardens if needed. Once you manage timings half your problems solve.

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  1. Never ending Academic stress: The boarding schools in India are a wonderful place to learn yet the never ending academic stress students’ face here attacks on their mental stability. As the main cause of depression and anxiety the unending academic stress can be dealt with only if you take this stress healthily. It is necessary that you understand that the skills you learn at these schools will foster you excellence in every field of life. Plan well and practice hard and you will effortlessly pass through all the stress fostered by the changed academic system.
  2. Sudden responsibility: Before joining boarding school your parents were more responsible for you and your belongings, but at boarding schools you are the one responsible for yourself. From your health to your belongings everything is your responsibility. Sudden responsibility is difficult to handle but isn’t impossible. If taken positively and patiently, you can eventually match steps with the changing phase of dependability and sustain towards a better hosteller’s life.

Life is a challenge in boarding schools. But if you face it with utter positivity and patience, all you problems will subside.

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