Dalmia Lifecare presents a New Range of Consumer Care Products for ‘’Healthy Life, Better life’’

Dalmia Lifecare

Dalmia Lifecare with its motto of ‘’Healthy Life, Better life’’ is pioneering a new range of consumer care product offerings backed with innovation, research and customer satisfaction reports. The company is building a rich product portfolio with an unconventional approach and striving to benchmark it’s products, services and qualities as per global standards. The product line of Dalmia Lifecare caters to the taste of consumers across all age brackets In India and global consumers as well.

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Dalmia Lifecare stands on the verge of being recognised as India’s one of the most dynamic, progressive and responsible corporate entity.

Talking about the vision of the company, Mr Sougat Chatterjee, CEO Dalmia Lifecare said We at Dalmia Lifecare are working towards elevating the wellness index of the society by offering consumer benefiting products and services. We have learnt through extensive research and experience and we believe that our products and business process will be exemplary as any of the industry leaders. We will also constantly strive to bring in products which will eliminate the ill-effects of lifestyle and abuse from a consumer’s life”.

In a recent survey, we saw that tobacco kills nearly six million people in a year and one person dies every six seconds because of it. Around five million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while more than 600,000 are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.

Looking at the addiction rate of the people and current health hazard that is has become, we thought it’ll be ideal to create something that would soothe the cravings of the people while imparting not the harm but health to the consumers.

Thinking and researching on these lines, we are coming up with a solution for the people who are subjected to tobacco abuse.

Similarly, the entire range of Dalmia Lifecare products will be backed by a thought and innovation that would enhance the standard of life.’’

Dalmia Lifecare is striving thoroughly to make this world a healthier, greener, cleaner and happier place to live in by bringing a product portfolio that directly impacts the lives of our customers in a positive way.

The entire range of products of Dalmia Lifecare are research based, tested, evaluated and manufactured in accordance with the standards of contemporary health and hygiene parameters. The company has set a benchmark for the best of product innovation, end-to-life style products range and exceptional quality.

While talking to the COO of Dalmia Lifecare, Mr Rajesh Tripathi, he stated that Dalmia Lifecare has been brought to life to better the standards of living of the people. The company is driven by the spirit of togetherness, harmony and innovation which not only aspires to upgrade the life of its consumers but also provides a unique workplace for professionals. The competitive edge of Dalmia Lifecare’s diverse product portfolio rest on the unstirred foundations of institutional strengths derived from its cutting-edge Research & Development, differentiated product development capacity, brand-building capability, efficient trade marketing and distribution network and dedicated human resources.

Dalmia Lifecare, strive to consistently surpass the expectations of all stakeholders for a healthy life, better life.

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