Difference between HTML and HTML5 improving

Difference between HTML and HTML5
Difference between HTML and HTML5

Difference between HTML and HTML5

In this topic we are going to talk about the Difference between HTML and HTML5.

As we all know HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is used to design a web pages using a markup language. HTML defines the link between webpages.

HTML was released with the primary objective of improving the World Wide Web experience for developers and end-user.

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Now we will discuss about the difference between HTML and HTML5

 HTML5 supports SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), canvas and other virtual vector graphics, whereas in HTML, using vectore graphics was only possible by using it in conjection with disfferent technologies like Flash, VML.

HTML5 support audio and video control with the <audio> and <video> tags whereas HTML did’nt support audio and video without using flash player.

HTML5 uses SQL database and application cache to store data whereas HTML uses cookies to store temporary data.

HTML5 allows Javascript to run in background and its possible due to JS Web works API and in HTML does not allow JavaScript to run in browser.

HTML5 support by all new browser like Firefox, Mozilla but the HTML wont support browsers.

HTML5 is not based on SGML. It means that the language has improved parsing rules which provide enhanced compatibility.

HTML5 can handle inaccurate syntax and HTML can not handle inaccurate syntax.

HTML5 provide parse structure incorrect HTML code. HTML document test in different browser to create improved error hand processing through reverse engineering.

HTML5 supports new kinds of form controls, including dates and times, email, number, range, tel, url, search, etc.

There are new multiple new elements in HTML5. Some of the most important ones are summary, time, aside, audio, command, data, datalist, and so on

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