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DMatic Digital

When you’re looking for a digital marketing course, there’ll be countless choices. Currently, everyone from Indian Institute of Marketing (IIM), the topmost business school in India to that one-man show institute just across the corner will offer you digital marketing courses.

Given this scenario, how would you zero down on the best institute to learn digital marketing?

Reading independent, unbiased online reviews is one of the ways to find an excellent digital marketing institute.

Here I’m presenting a review of Digital Marketing Course provided by DMatic Digital that could help you make a decision.

Review of DMatic Digital: Digital Marketing Course

This independent review is based upon several, proven parameters. Hence, you are free to verify facts own your own, if necessary.

Unique Training Model of DMatic Digital Mumbai

Generally, most digital marketing training institutes follow their curriculum and teaching patterns that’re almost similar. Here’s where DMatic Digital stands out: they provide a free, personal, paid website including domain name and hosting, to every student immediately upon enrolling. The student gets an opportunity to select domain name.

DMatic Digital begins its course by training students on website design. Faculty members also train and assist students to select the right plugins and widgets for their website. They explain specific uses of every plugin and widget while training on how to utilize their features for maximum benefit.

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Hence, a student becomes proud owner of a website from the very beginning of the course. And through the course, they learn every digital marketing process that helps promote their own website.

State-of-the-Art Training

Digital marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and others are common to every institute. At DMatic Digital, digital marketing professionals in various fields that have proven track record and work with large corporations, train students on these and other skills. These professionals have created their own tweaks and techniques for digital marketing and perfected them at work. Such skills cannot be learned elsewhere.

Furthermore, students use these skills to promote their own website. Hence, they also learn how to adapt and innovate various digital marketing techniques rather than using mere, conventional ones. This is a major advantage with DMatic Digital’s training course.

Valuable Scholarships, Free Tools & Expert Advice

Pritam Nagrale, Founder and CEO, DMatic Digital personally believes that money shouldn’t be a hurdle for anyone to study a digital marketing course. Hence, the institute adopts a student first policy. As part of the policy, DMatic Digital offers scholarships worth Rs.100,000 to students. Additionally, students also get free tools worth Rs.100,000 that they can use to promote their website or make money by working, entrepreneurship or freelancing, even after they’ve completed the course.

Furthermore, every student gets assistance and support from faculty members for as long as five years after completing the course. This means, former students can contact industry professionals to solve any problem or seek solutions on digital marketing, if they encounter any while working, running own enterprise or freelancing. Expert advice at the right time plays a key role in success of every career.

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Highly Skilled Faculty Members in DMatic Digital Mumbai

As I mention earlier, every faculty member at DMatic Digital is a professional in their field. Other than in-house faculty, DMatic Digital also brings in industry experts to train students. They assist every student in promoting their own website and making them a digital marketing expert. Here are names of some faculty members at DMatic Digital.

  • Pritam Nagrale: One of the most successful bloggers and digital marketers of India. He’s also the Founder and CEO of DMatic Digital. Pritam Nagrale has adapted traditional digital marketing techniques to create own, innovative ones that you’ll learn at the course. He also runs two successful websites, that’s very popular in USA and for India. These two websites get over 10 million hits every month.

  • Sanket Patil: An engineer by qualification, Sanket Patil is the brain behind two very popular websites in India- for couponing and general knowledge. He’s an expert in website designing, digital media promotion and data analysis and other digital marketing techniques.

  • Ashwin Honawar: A journalist and writer with over 28 years of experience in various foreign countries and abroad, Ashwin Honawar trains students on his own unique content creation and content marketing techniques. He trains students on advanced research, writing and how blend digital marketing essentials into your content with ease.

Other faculty members are also prominent figures in digital marketing industry and work for major banks, Multinational Companies and large corporations or have own successful enterprises.

Over 12 International Certifications

This is the best part of digital marketing course from DMatic Digital. You can get as many as 12 international certifications or even more while doing the course or later. These international certifications are from leaders in digital marketing field and include Google, Bing, Facebook, Hubspot and others. Their faculty members provide you skills that can help crack exams easily to get these international certifications.

Additionally, these international certifications enable you to get an excellent job abroad or in India as digital marketer, since they’re globally accepted qualifications. And, to maintain these certifications, you’ll have to continually upgrade your digital marketing skills. This ensures continuing education by practicing latest techniques on your own website.

In Conclusion

Overall, the digital marketing course at DMatic Digital is presented in a simple, easy-to-learn and professional ambience at the institute’s own centre in Mumbai. And any student that graduates as digital marketer from DMatic Digital has as many as eight career options. These include regular employment, freelancing, entrepreneurship and blogging, among others.

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