DYT Academy To Enable, Educate & Upskill Content Creators


DYT Academy offers a nuanced, in-depth, and active approach to learning content creation, enabling creators to quickly up-level their skills in multiple areas, including content development, editing, marketing, monetisation, and more

New Delhi, September 15, 2021: Do Your Thng (DYT), a creator-first tech platform, announced the launch of DYT Academy, a place made exclusively for budding content creators to learn content creation. The virtual learning space, available on the DYT app, makes education more accessible through snackable courses.

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The decentralization of content and the proliferation of social media have created an enormous creator economy. Currently it is skewed in favour of mega creators, who have captured a big chunk of the market. The medium and small-range creators, who have been left behind, need upskilling to create better content and thereby monetize their talent. DYT looks to nurture this group of talent with DYT Academy.

Ankit Agarwal, Founder, Do Your Thng, says, “The creator economy has a colossal long-tail: mid and small-sized creators who have fathomless potential and the makings of an astronomical, aggregated following. What they lack is the knowledge to climb up the ladder.”

“That’s where DYT Academy comes in. It bolsters the talent and motivation these creators have in abundance with knowledge and guidance. We’re making it effortless for them to upskill by offering step-by-step, interactive courses that can be started, paused and resumed at the creator’s learning pace,” Ankit adds.

Online Courses with Certification

With this initiative, DYT is building on its overarching objective to support creators, build their audiences and monetise their content. Besides arming content creators with the schooling and proficiency they need, DYT Academy acts as an additional revenue stream. Creators who are experts in their niche can earn by submitting role-based or skill-based courses. 

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Launched on 5th September, commemorating Teachers’ Day, DYT Academy comes with three categories of courses: beginner, medium and expert. Each course is developed by experts in their field and divided into modules and further into units to make learning simple and sticky.

“We continue to embrace our responsibility to build a thriving creator community. DYT Academy is the next step in our commitment to achieve this goal,” says Hemant Dua, Co-founder, Do Your Thng.

“We’re keeping the courses creator-focused, and starting with the fundamentals because that’s the key pain-point for these creators. So, from how to set up a home studio to edit videos, they’ll find comprehensive, practical modules that unleash their creative potential. The coursework is led by people who are well recognized in their niche, and professionals in their own right,” Hemant further elucidates.

DYT Academy will provide exhaustive learning opportunities through video and text-based courses. Additionally, creators will also have a direct line to pro content creators to answer any questions or queries. On completing a course, creators will also be awarded a certificate.

About DYT

Founded in 2019, Do Your Thng (DYT) is a branded content marketplace and a one-stop tech solution for all influencer marketing needs. The web desk module, for marketers, uses a path-breaking AI-powered algorithm to help them discover creators that match brand personas and assists in campaign management. The DYT app is free for all content creators, where they can find paid brand campaigns, network with other creators, or upskill themselves through DYT Academy.

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