Educating Youth to Nation Building

Educating youth to nation building
Mrs. Shaheen Khan, Founder, Director of Council of Education & Development Programmes (CEDP) Skill Institute

The headlines today display us how diverse political and presidential contenders are handling their movements, allowing us to see through them. Youth Telling us how worthy the nominees are of our votes. But it’s too quick in the game to tell who we should choose for. Positively, by some luck of chance somebody in a white horse, our knight in shining armor will abruptly show up and save this dear country of ours from hell.

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We can be obsessed with many political, economic, social consequences of the day but what is most significant is the state of our nation. We need to address the pledge of our youth who will one day become our leaders and positively make that change.

Our case, is the very opposite. We continue to misuse and exploit our country and people. Worst of all, we are basing our allegiance and commitment with other countries. This is the right time to reinforce the foundation of this nation. We need to construct and develop a sense of social promise, nationalism and love for country.

“Almost half of the world’s population nearly 3 billion people – are under the age of 25. They are often marginalized and deprived, with poor access to education. But now young people from across the world calling for genuine opportunities to design their future, they are also working to ensure that all children and youth have access to a high quality education that prepares them to lead healthy and productive lives and contribute to their communities and countries”.

Why It is Important to Educate Youth now:

The utmost importance of education can never be ignored by anyone who holds close to his heart the well-being of our people and the prospect of this country. Schools are much more than a course of imparting to boys and girls information or knowledge that will provide them personal material advantages over others and that will simply formulate the distinct to make a livelihood.

We are living in an age characterized by violent fights amongst opposing political, economic and moral forces. We experience war from diverse corners of the world including guerilla warfare, the ISIS, between militias-guerrillas, separatist groups and anarchic groups, the Muslim-Christian conflict and off course the Maoist in our own country. When we examine these and trace them to their causes, we are challenged by the startling discovery that these terrific conflicts, this earth-shattering struggle, were in their roots basically of an educational nature; and we are shocked to find that the ultimate fate of nations is determined not in the battlegrounds but in the classrooms. This is where seeds of social syndrome are run up.

It is important to explore the difficulties that arose in order that they may be avoided in the future. There are several sorts of problems: the influence of vested interests, the neglect or inadequacy of communication strategies, the complexity of the messages and the unfortunate tendency of some of the messengers to spend more time squabbling with one another than communicating with the public. We need to teach people how to be of their own. They need to know what is required of them in order to live successfully in an integral world. With practice according to what they learn, the correct actions will become a habit, a second nature.

Step towards Nation Building:

Whether we like it or not we must fully admit that education is destined up with the life of the nation. It is not about meeting the needs of private entities it is about building the nation. So, we need to support the government and the state carry on that vibrant work of giving the right kind of exercise to our growing generations, as education will work as the substance of our national life, the first stage of our national defense, and the assurance of continuing affluence and the future magnitude of our country.
Education plays a vital role in the country’s development. It helps people to become better and fruitful citizens. Education helps to choose whom to vote in order to make a difference in the country. Education helps resolve the employment problem which postures an interruption to the development of the nation. Education can help increase our moral and social standards to help our government in the conservation of social discipline and of law and order.

“Education is the important means of disseminating knowledge and developing skills, for bringing about desired changes in behaviors, values and lifestyles, and for promoting public support for the continuing and fundamental changes that will be required to humanity. In short Education are humanity’s best hope and most effective means in the quest to achieve sustainable development.”

Bridging the Skills Gap:

This country is greatly in necessity of a body of men and women who will reflect and find a resolution for our school problems in the light of the uppermost and superficial educational principles; who comprehend the nature and persistence of true education; who are neither enthusiast nor submissive followers of imported systems and yet know how to profit from the best knowledge of other countries; who will sustain the Constitution and uphold the democracy of education, and who will battles through legal means instructive despotism and dictatorship; who will be broadminded and technical in their views; whose purpose will be to grow the whole man, physically, intellectually and spiritually, making him a good man and subsequently, a good citizen.

Many of us dream of flattering an archipelago combined in soul for the love of country. It is our responsibility to be faithful and be devoted to our country. Like every individual who has duties to his family, he has duties equally to his country. A nation is so established that it affords the individual the means to grow his inborn capabilities, to allow him to deliver for his reasonable needs as a human being and to be endangered in his rights and the rights of his family. In turn, he obtains duties towards the public and the nation of which he is an affiliate and is in duty bound to help the state to which he repays legitimate allegiance.

“Education serves society in a variety of ways. The goal of education is to make people wiser, more knowledgeable, better informed, ethical, responsible, critical and capable of continuing to learn. We are all people to possess such abilities and qualities, the world’s problems would not be automatically solved, but the means and the will to address them would be at hand. Education also serves society by providing a critical reflection on the world, especially its failings and injustices, and by promoting greater consciousness and awareness, exploring new visions and concepts, and inventing new techniques and tools”.

It is broadly established that education is the most effective means that humanity possesses for confronting the challenges of the future. Certainly, education will form the world of tomorrow. Progress gradually depends upon the products of cultivated minds: upon research, invention, innovation and adaptation. Of course, sophisticated minds and instincts are wanted not only in laboratories and research institutes, but in every walk of life. Indeed, access to education is important for effective partaking in the life of the contemporary world at all levels. Education, to be sure, is not the complete answer to every problem. But education, in its far-reaching sense, must be a dynamic part of all efforts to envision and create new associations among people to substitute greater admiration for the needs of the environment.

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The destiny of our future age group is definitely in the hands of our leaders. If we continue to overlook the importance of education than ours will be a country full of wars, horrors, destruction, suffering and anguish, we need to protect our democracy and our sovereignty by educating our soul.

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