EduCrack organises a webinar to help students know more about MBA as a career option


Pune, June 7, 2022: EduCrack is organising a webinar on 11th June to guide students who want to do MBA for their higher studies. The different career options based on MBA will be discussed during the webinar. EduCrack is an EdTech platform that offers students the required assistance to prepare for competitive examinations, professional courses, and co-curricular courses.

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Higher Studies can be a tough decision to make for the students as sometimes they want to change their fields and sometimes, they want to continue in the same fields. These decisions can change their lives forever. The Webinar organised by EduCrack will be helping the students who are thinking of choosing MBA for their higher studies. Mr. Rammohan, Chief Knowledge Officer, EduCrack, will be conducting the webinar for the young aspirants of the Management industry. He will be explaining the students the options which the students can explore for their specialisations and the roles which the specialisations will lead them to. The whole session will be a guided tour to the management industry. 

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Mr. Rammohan will also share some tips and tricks with the students to prepare for the CAT examination, held for MBA admissions. 

“We have often seen students stressed about choosing their career paths and wrong choices can lead to unsuccessful careers. This webinar will help the students to choose for themselves what path they want to follow and what options they will find at the end of the road. At EduCrack we are always ready to guide the students and help them reach their goals” said Mr. Anand Bhushan, CEO, EduCrack.

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Mr. Rammohan has trained over 1000 students who have secured admission in IIMs under his guidance, his expertise will help the students to know more about MBA and CAT examination. This webinar will certainly give students the clarity about their career choices.