eLearning Platforms Play A Significant Role For Students During Lockdown


COVID19 has profoundly impacted all facets of our lives, including the education industry. As India enters lockdown mode, technology stepped in eLearning Platforms to facilitate various needs, including our need for human interaction. In the area of education, this gave eLearning an accelerated boost that is supported by both the government and education institutes.

Remote learning and teaching courses via dedicated portals like SWAYAM has have seen a fivefold increase in a week just as Byju and Topper have seen a similar increase; these carve out a compelling narrative in the online educational sphere. However, EdTech as online learning is commonly known as, is not without unique set of challenges. Owning /renting devices (desktops, iPads/tablets, laptops etc.) is a high expense item and can be hard to come by as assessable or stable internet connectivity. One without the other renders eLearning ineffective.

Online Internship with Certification

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works
How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

This method of learning also favours higher learning given that the younger learner’s attention is shorter, and they thrive on one-on-one interactions. Motivating students virtually is not without challenges too. Ultimately, old school classroom settings are worth their weight in gold; and just as indispensable as experienced teachers in our education system.

The future of e learning is indeed bright, and together with educators, it can be surmised that a stable ecosystem will grow organically.

Why e-learning via Bigo Live is a win-win

In an industry that seems unlikely for a livestreaming eLearning Platforms app to be in, Bigo Live has made a significant impression in the Indian market.

Interactivity and Variety

Edu-Tech, Bigo Live’s industry first initiative introduced last year, has proven to be a much sought after online platform for both educators and learners alike. This unique initiative by Bigo Live has brought a new level of interactivity to elearning. Interactive videos, quizzes as well as real-time sessions with teachers proved to be popular. Add this to the more than 200 teachers hired to impart knowledge on topics like, basic English, Computer skills to life coaching, and yoga; it is no wonder that students flock to this platform.


All lessons found on Edu-Tech are made available free to the learner as Bigo Live offers remuneration to these teachers. This arrangement benefits both the teachers and the students, creating employment opportunities.

High quality streaming

Bigo Live runs on low latency when streaming, this means that there is lesser disruption to the feed, lesser data costs and consumption. This makes it possible for eLearning Platforms in Tier 2 and 3 cities to take advantage of the education platform. What better way to make use of time during lockdown than to improve yourself?

Personalised Learnings

Due to the real life interaction on Bigo Live, teachers are able to personalize the lesson to optimize the learning capability of the user. Constant communication and interaction between the faculty and learners enable effective engagement and feedback through live discussions. Online learning is also beneficial to teachers as it allows them to know more about each student or his or her learning patterns than they would in their classes.  Special sessions addressing challenges and queries can be set up. Sudden cancellation of class is navigable.

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The current lockdown has thrown elearning into the limelight and shown its efficacy as an educational tool. Predictably, there has been an upsurge in traffic and enrolments on online portals offering eLearning. Amongst many life changing lessons that the COVID19 pandemic has ushered in, elearning platforms have been one of the best resources for all demographics. From upskilling, regular classes to board exam tutorials and everything in between, e-learning has gained considerable attention. The great news is that the pandemic is not here to stay but our e-learning experience is. And in the long run, the vision is to enable it to amplify formal education and supplement all forms of knowledge.

Nagesh Banga | Deputy Country Manager, BIGO LIVE


Nagesh Banga currently serves as the Deputy Country Manager at BIGO LIVE. He is responsible for formulating and implementing the strategic plan, driving growth and innovation, and ensuring that the company maintains leadership in the region. His focus includes developing key marketing and communication initiatives, identifying new revenue streams, assessing market potential across the country, building analytical models and performing regular market analysis for the company.

A dynamic young leader Nagesh is backed with over a decade of experience in the domains of sales, advertising and marketing. He joined BIGO LIVE as one of the founding team members in India in 2017, since then he has grown into his existing role due to his skill in analytics, combined with communication and business development; playing a pivotal role in executive market defining strategies and giving  direction to the platform’s growth, while on boarding talent agencies and content creators. This led to Bigo Live becoming a leading UGC/Live streaming brand in India.

Prior to joining BIGO, he spent six years in advertising and has handled various roles mandated with the responsibility of client planning, managing and strategy. His prior experience / expertise has helped him shape up the live streaming industry for Indian market & create more awareness amongst millenials. With a vision that has helped build BIGO LIVE, as the first-choice amongst users, he also aims to take customers on an innovative digital journey reaching unparalleled heights.

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A proven leader, Mr. Banga plays a key role in developing the portfolio and business of BIGO in India. Today, the brand is a leading user engagement platform in the country.

Mr. Banga has successfully completed a PGDBM in marketing and finance from ISB&M (Pune) and a B Tech from MIET (Meerut).

In his time off, Nagesh enjoys traveling, tasting new cuisines, and spending time with his family.

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