‘Embrace your potential as leaders’, says Air Chief Marshal at the Centenary Investiture Ceremony of The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet


Applauds the school for cultivating effective leaders.

Congratulates the school for creating a legacy that extends far beyond itself

July 21, 2023, Hyderabad – July 21, 2023, Hyderabad – The Hyderabad Public School organized its traditional annual Investiture Ceremony to recognize and honor its outstanding student leaders. The Investiture Ceremony holds great significance as it instills a sense of leadership and accountability among the student body. The event was graced by Chief Guest Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari PVSM AVSM VM ADC, his gracious lady, Mrs. Neetha Chaudhari, Mr. R Raghuram Reddy Vice Chairman of HPS Board of Governors, President of HPS Society Mr. Gusti Noria, British Deputy High Commissioner Mr. Gareth Wynn Owen and a distinguished HPS alumnus, Lord Karan Bilimoria, Member of the House of Lords, as the Guest of Honour. 

During the ceremony, the school bestowed various leadership positions upon deserving students, including the Student Council, House Captains, Prefects, and other important roles. These positions empower students to lead by example, represent their peers, and contribute positively to the school community. The Chief Guest inspected student troops of 152 NCC Cadets from the Army, Navy, Air Force & Girls wings before walking through a corridor of the Prefects troop and the Color Party. The audience watched in admiration. 

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The Investiture Ceremony at The Hyderabad Public School goes beyond the mere conferring of titles; it is an opportunity to inspire and nurture the future leaders of society. The head boy, head girl, shared their experiences and gratitude to the teachers, parents, and management. The ceremony served as an occasion to acknowledge and appreciate the achievements, talents, contributions, and commitment of the students to the school, thus motivating them to continue to excel and raise the bar for themselves.

Wishing students, the best for their leadership journey, Lord Bilimoria said, “As an alumnus of this esteemed institution, I learned that true leadership lies in empowering others, inspiring collective action, and striving for positive change. It is our duty to lead with integrity, empathy, and a vision that transcends individual ambitions. Guided by the values instilled within us during our time at this remarkable school you can shape a brighter and more inclusive society wherever you go.”

Addressing the students, the Air Chief Marshal said, “The world needs leaders who are compassionate, ethical, and visionary. Leadership is a journey of continuous learning and growth. Never stop seeking knowledge, developing new skills, and refining your leadership abilities.”

“Our Investiture Ceremony is a celebration of leadership, character, and the limitless potential of our students. This ceremony encourages and empowers the students to continue making a positive impact within our school and beyond. We are privileged to have Air Chief Marshal and Lord Karan Bilimoria as the guests for our Investiture Ceremony. Their remarkable achievements and commitment to leadership align perfectly with the values we strive to instill in our students. We believe that their presence will inspire them to reach for the skies.” said Dr. Skand Bali, Principal of The Hyderabad Public School.

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The values of integrity, discipline, empathy, and leadership are woven into the fabric of the school’s culture. As HPS commemorated its hundred-year-old empyreal heritage, it reaffirmed its commitment to nurturing young minds, imbuing strong values, and fostering leadership qualities. The investiture ceremony was also marked by the launch of the leadership program LEADER that serves as a reminder of the school’s mission of paving the way for future leaders.

About HPS

Established 100 years ago, The Hyderabad Public School, also known as HPS, has the distinction of being one of the oldest educational institution systems nurturing leaders of tomorrow. The HPS way makes learning the focus instead of teaching, helping it to stay in tune with changing times and delivering top-notch education to its students. What sets HPS apart is its ability to provide an ecosystem for all-round development, incorporating learning methodologies that rely on self-discovery, encourage curiosity, and develop value-based leadership and management skills of the students. With a 120-acre campus, state-of-the-art labs, naturally ventilated classrooms, unparalleled sports infrastructure, residential facilities, and best-in-class faculty students, both day and boarding, have access to the best of facilities and teaching staff. Interestingly, Shaheen – the majestic Eagle – is the mascot of the school and is a reflection of the institute’s philosophy to always conduct oneself with dignity and respect and yet soar above the rest. 

HPS’ alumni base boasts of successful and well-known CXOs who run global corporations or are influencers in their fields. In 2019, the Harvard Business Review placed three of its alumni among the “Top 10” best-performing CEOs globally. These include Satya Nadella, Shantanu Narayan and Ajay Pal Banga. The HBR rating is a testimony to HPS having found the secret sauce to creating leaders of tomorrow. Significantly, Mr. Banga was recently nominated for the post of President of the World Bank by the US President Joseph R. Biden.   

In 2023, HPS is proudly celebrating its centenary completion, and is gearing up to achieve its vision of becoming one of the top schools globally by 2050.

About HPS Centenary Celebrations: The Centenary Celebrations, which began in January 2023, comprise a year-long series of events for students, staff, parents, and the alumni.

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