Entrepreneurship is all about problem-solving, says renowned Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Sabeer Bhatia

Mr. Sabeer Bhatia felicitated by Amity University Prof. (Dr.) M K Pandey

It was an occasion of great pride and privilege for the students, staff, and faculty, as Amity University held an interactive session on “Disruptive Technologies for Greater Good of Society” with Mr. Sabeer Bhatia, Renowned Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Innovator. The session was highly engaging and interactive as Mr. Sabeer Bhatia shared his knowledge, expertise, views, and insights on one of the most relevant topics, “technology”.

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Philanthropist Mr. Sabeer Bhatia, addressing a huge crowd gathered in the Amity auditorium, said, “Entrepreneurship is all about finding a solution to the problem. Earning money should never be the primary objective of a business venture, money should always come later. A lot of Indian Tech companies that work on a model similar to that of their international counterparts have been successful in India during the pandemic. However, “break-through” ideas are those that are first discovered in your own market and then executed based on foresightedness, skills, and creativity.”  He also talked about his entrepreneurial journey and how he founded Hotmail.

Speaking about his newly launched app, ShowReel, Philanthropist Mr. Bhatia explained how the App aims to empower people with upskilling and generate employment opportunities for them. He shared, “The App will help the unemployed population as people can share their Video Profiles instead of writing about themselves in the form of text-based Resumes and Profiles. Also, the App will digitize the healthcare industry as finding virtual doctors will be very convenient and easy through this app, especially in remote areas, where medical facilities are not available and accessible easily. He concluded by saying, “It is not enough to change the world but you must make it better.”

Welcoming the Special Guest, Prof. (Dr.) M.K. Pandey, Joint Head, Amity School of Engineering and Technology, expressed his pleasure in hosting Mr. Bhatia and said, “Today’s world is a world of Technology and we cannot imagine ourselves functioning without technology. In every field, tremendous technological development has taken place and it would be really great to hear Mr. Bhatia’s views on this topic today.”

Dr. M.J. Khan, Chairman, Indian Chamber for Food & Agriculture, ICFA, Guest of Honour on the occasion, said, “Today, we have an enormous scope of technology in every sphere, a lot of technological advancement has been made in the agriculture sector and one good idea can disrupt the entire sector. All top companies of the world are technology-led companies and we have a bright future in technology.”

Thanking Mr. Bhatia, Prof. Balvinder Shukla, Vice-Chancellor, Amity University, said “It is a great day for us and we thank Mr. Sabeer Bhatia from the bottom of our heart for taking out time for this valuable session. He has revolutionized the communications industry by launching Hotmail. His entrepreneurial journey has inspired and continues to inspire all of us. Our future is technology and technology has evolved in a big way especially during the pandemic, in all sectors. His new App, ShowReel will be very helpful as it enables you to create a video profile since the presentation is of utmost importance and it’s not just about creating a text-based profile. We have benefitted a lot from this informative session today and Amity University is not only focusing on making students ready for the Corporate Sector but supporting them to start their own venture and become future entrepreneurs.”

Delivering the Vote of thanks Prof. (Dr.) Neelam Saxena, Head, Amity Center for Entrepreneurship Development, expressed her gratitude to the Special Guest for his presence and also shared her key takeaways from the session which include “knowing your customer” and “problem-solving being the focus of entrepreneurship”, amongst others.

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