Essential apps for iPad Pro

essential apps for iPad Pro
essential apps for iPad Pro

Essential Apps for iPad Pro

In this blog, I am going to discuss about Essential Apps for iPad Pro. Right out of the box, an iPad Pro can do plenty. It lets you create doodles, sends emails, watch movies, browses the web, checks your schedule, and more. But Apple’s premium tablet shines when you start adding third-party apps to it.

1. Procreate

We could do a whole feature just on digital art apps for the iPad Pro. These help you create some seriously brilliant results, from basic digital sketches to advanced computer-generated artwork. Despite this multitude of options, Procreate still manages to avoid making its interface cluttered-looking or difficult to access.

2. Paper

The paper helps you scribble digital doodles, with an emphasis on taking notes and making plans rather than creating artwork (though the app can do that too). Like actual paper, it lets you organize everything in a series of customized “notebooks.” In another similarity, the interface is very simple to use: It keeps the workspace as the main focus.

3. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is a comprehensive image editor for the iPad Pro, and it offers oodles of bonus features, including pixel-by-pixel editing, a vast range of tools, layer support, automatic adjustments, Photoshop compatibility, the ability to drop in text and shapes, and more. Create your digital artwork from scratch, or make your existing photos look their best: The app can remove blemishes and imperfections from images, clone areas of a picture, blur or sharpen specific regions, and apply a host of colour and brightness filters.


With the free YouTube app for the iPad, you’ll have access to content from live streams to music videos, as well as any shows and movies you’ve purchased from Google Play Movies & TV. If you pay $12 per month for YouTube Premium, you can also get an ad-free experience and access to some original web shows.

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