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iVersusi is a digital solution that improves learning results for kids of all ages through instant assessments and detailed reports

It guarantees increase in the number of 90 percenters thereby helping schools improve their board results and reduce exam stress

New Delhi (January 31, 2020): Eupheus Learning, India’s leading Edtech company known for introducing revolutionary end-to-end educational solutions for school kids, today announced the integration of TARGETplus’ iVersusi solution under its umbrella.


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iVersusi is an app assisted digital solution that provides instant results and deep analytics to improve a child’s performance. The solution supports scanning and analysing hand-written answers of any subject, board, class or level and in any language. The solution works through a simple process whereby a teacher uses the iVersusi mobile app to take snapshot of the iVersusi sheets to generate personalised reports within minutes.

iVersusi are spiral assessments built on the principle ‘Compared With Self’ or “Compete With Yourself!” and takes a leaf out of Dr. Sunita Gandhi’s 15 year-long multi-country study that conclusively shows when children compete with themselves, they perform better. It is based on scientific research and evidence that has been tried and tested in the real laboratory of a large school in India since 2005, which among other factors, has led the school to become India’s number 1 CISCE school in terms of Board Results. A study and trial conducted for results in Mathematics for 301 students from 3 CISCE schools by TARGETplus showed evidence that more children in the lower ranges of marks got 90% after the use of iVersusi. Also, more than twice the number of students overall in the TARGETplus group got marks above 90% than in the control group (53% versus 24%). TARGETplus progress tools also helped create more national toppers including 3 of the 6 National Rank 1 students in ISC in 2018.


Commenting on the collaboration, Amit Kapoor, Co-Founder of Eupheus Learning said, “These solutions are extremely beneficial for teachers and parents, apart from students, as they enable a targeted approach that saves time and improves results most time efficiently and effectively. They also reduce workload and stress. Teachers and parents (especially) get to know the exact learning gaps of each student. This a matchless step towards the future of education, to personalise solutions for every child, and to help every child excel even more in  whole classrooms, within regular time frames, and with less work burden on the teacher and the taught.”

In India, Dr. Gandhi has been fine-tuning and implementing a transformative education, curriculum and assessments that are based on the more powerful principle of compete with yourself. Evidence suggests these spiral assessments for and as learning, along with processes that fill the learning gaps not only improve children’s confidence, but also their academic outcome. Her programs in education have been adopted by over 200 schools across India. Unlike manual methods of correction, iVersusi takes 20 minutes to provide personalized reports, and action plans for students and teachers. This saves teacher time and helps students know their areas of improvement. Both teachers and studdents get action plans that help them fix the learning gaps time efficiently.

 “Eupheus Learning is a pioneer in the Edtech space, and we at TARGETplus are extremely happy to be collaborating with them on iVersusi which is an innovative step in improving results for all children. Improving results is one of the most important goals for which every school works, what every parent wants, and what every child deserves. It makes everyone’s lives easier as the app is based on self-diagnosis and detailed diagnostic reports on each student that takes just 20 minutes of class time to generate. Using Eupheus’ vast reach, we aim to take this solution to schools all over the country so that our schools and students can benefit by getting even better results.” said Dr. Sunita Gandhi, Founder TARGETplus.



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