Experience the horror behind the grandeur with Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai’s latest story ‘The Graveyard’

‘The Graveyard’

Presenting Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai, the creator of popular online character Detective Boomrah, known for recitation of Hindi horror, thriller and detective short stories with his latest story – ‘The Graveyard’ , a chilling tale of horror and mystery by Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai.

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The current countrywide lockdown triggered by Covid-19 or Coronavirus pandemic has confined us within our homes. Most of us are relieved that there’s no commuting to offices, but at the same time we are disappointed that this is no vacation and we are unable to throng hills or beaches, which we usually do at this time of the year. All we can do right now is reminisce about the enjoyable and soothing vacations in the past. For those of us who love driving away to hills on vacations or even weekends, the one thing that’s definitely on our cards is spending time in solitude – relaxing on an armchair in the lawns of a resort full of grandeur and surrounded by green lands.

Similar was the idea of Puneet Oberoi, a successful hotelier and protagonist of Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai’s latest horror story in Hindi, ‘The Graveyard’. His tryst to expand his hotel chain leads him to Thalim village, a place full of scenic beauty in the southern part of India. Puneet buys an old British-era guest house, surrounded by greenery and equipped with a man-made pond and a horse stable in the campus. His plan is to convert it into a luxurious palace hotel and capitalize over the picturesque landscape and splendour. Blindfolded by the commercial vision, Puneet chooses to ignore a graveyard on the other end of the campus and the stories about its horror.

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But the horror comes alive right in front of his eyes when he spends his first night in the grand old building along with his assistant Sudhir Saxena and friends Sagar and Kiran. When the four sit in the lawns of the building late in the evening, Kiran is the first among them to get spooked by the deafening silence emanating from the graveyard, which is intervened by the sound of someone taking a dip in the adjacent man-made pond. But when Sudhir rushes to find out who the trespasser is, he encounters the biggest horrifying shocker of his life.

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The developments that follow lead Puneet and his friends to the graveyard and the happenings there cuts the ground off their feet. What is it that they come across when they visit the graveyard in the darkness of night? What propelled a blood-soaked Sudhir to ferociously dig four graves? What was the secret of the Brit man who was mentioned by the old lady who came visiting Puneet? To unravel the secrets and experience horror of ‘The Graveyard’

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