Female Mathematicians Who Changed The World

Hidden Figures, Mathematician, Changed the World

Hidden Figures: A movie that was an untold story of three black Female Mathematicians, who brought changes in NASA’s history.

Here we will read about some more Hidden Figures who changed the world again with the mathematics.

Hidden Figures beautifully narrate real life untold (now told) story of three black female mathematicians who fought for their rights and against the segregation and prejudice by performing vital calculations of mathematics in 1960.

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Hidden Figures, Mathematician, Changed the World


She was daughter of Greek mathematician Theon. Back in her time she was head of The Platonist School in Alexandria, Egypt. She was used to teach philosophy and astronomy there. But with no proof it is said that she was murdered by religious zealots under the accusation of being Satanist. She was described as women with great intellect and dignity who have shown vastly contribution on the published papers and texts of her famous father Theon.

Sophie Germain

Who have thought that one would get this much impressed by Mathematics, but some people do. She was impressed by an 18th century mathematician, Archimedes. His number theory was becoming her obsession and then she decided to pursue that obsession. She assumed the identity of a former male student who had dropped the school that time. But why this? Simple to study in only male maths academy in Paris. Sadly her work on Fermat’s last theorem was never recognized and after her death she was just a “single woman with no profession.

Hidden Figures, Female, Mathematician, Changed The World

Caroline Herschel

She became famous for her discovery of seven new comets. At the age of 10 she fall ill with typhus (group of infection diseases). As per facts the German mathematician never grew taller than four foot and three and she was unlikely to marry no one have thought of it but she live long till the age of 97. William, astronomer brother of her, discovered the Uranus in 1781, she become her paid assistant. After that she did numerous discoveries on her own.

Ada Lovelace

Aka “The Enchantress of Numbers” and only child and heir of poet Lord Byron, was Victorian Computer pioneer. She has also contributed with the ‘Father of Computer’ Mr. Charles Babbage on the world’s first programmable computer in mid-19. At that time she thought of changing anything into digital form with numbers and manipulating them with another device but this thinking was so much advanced for that time and this theory was realized in 1950 that is more 100 year later.

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Courtesy: Kerry Kolbe, Telegraph, UK

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