Fun Under The Sun’ Organised By DPS Raj Nagar Extension


DPS Raj Nagar Extension organised an interesting activity titled ‘Fun Under The Sun’ for its students of preparatory to nursery classes. The aim of the event was to offer some gala time to the students in this chilling weather under the warmth of the sun. There were a number of activities held for the students, which they enjoyed a lot and were entertained by the special arrangements done for them by the teachers. The principal was also delighted to witness the response of the students.

The day started with warm-up exercises where the students geared up for different fitness activities such as jumps and fun races using hoopla and cones. Also, they had healthy competition in these activities, which were more fun and less of an urge to win. Thereafter they shook a leg to popular songs following their dance teacher and thoroughly enjoyed the music. A magic show was also organised for the students, which left them awestruck. They were surprised by the magician with flowers and sparkles.

“The children’s grins served as evidence of the fun day’s great success. The young children improved their gross motor abilities (running, jumping), which are fundamental in all facets of life and serve as their foundation. They also learned critical life lessons like resilience and sportsmanship. We’re thankful to the students as they make the school environment lively with their fun and enthusiasm. Our teachers had also put a lot of effort into organising this day successfully,” said Ms. Pallavi Upadhyaya, Principal, DPS Raj Nagar Extension.

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