Hiringplug, India’s first Artificial Intelligence enabled Recruitment Aggregator witnesses 500% growth over last quarter

  • Successfully completes two years with
  • Over 150 employers and a marketplace of over 500 boutique recruitment firms addressing the hiring needs

New Delhi, February 24, 2020: Hiringplug, India’s first AI enabled curated Marketplace of Recruiters that enables Employers to acquire Quality talent, faster has completed two years operational milestone in the industry, has witnessed an average growth of 500% over the last quarter. Established in 2016 and launching operations in February 2018, the AI enabled recruitment platform, foresees to revolutionize and fast track hiring process for organizations across sectors. 500 Recruitment firms on the Hiringplug’s platform have enabled this vision, by working on over 1000 job mandates from 150+ employers in India, across industries including Information Technology, Consulting, Real Estate, Retail, Pharmaceutical, BFSI and many more. Recognized as the “Best Resourcing Software” – 2019 by HR Association of India, Hiringplug foresees to have 5-7 fold growth over the last year

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The platform allows Employers and specialist Recruitment firms to seamlessly discover and engage with each other to acquire quality talent. Hiringplug is free to join and has several integrated tools such as intelligent matching, Resume Parsing, Applicant Tracking system (ATS), Interview scheduler, Vendor Management System (VMS), Candidate Ratings and communication modules, etc. to boost recruitment efficiency. The platform uses Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to calibrate better matching suppliers and candidates to help employers #hire5Xfaster.

Hiringplug helps organizations of all sizes to efficiently consolidate their permanent hiring and engage with multiple suppliers over a single platform. “Being a large firm, our talent acquisition requirements are diverse & targeting best of the talent in industry. hiringplug comes across as a reliable aggregator platform that easily aligns to our depth & scale of hiring with quick turnaround time. It is clearly simplicity at its best!” said Apurva Pundir, Associate Director at KPMG

Vikramjit Singh Sahaye, founder and CEO, HiringPlug said, “At Hiringplug, we are helping cutting down the ‘Time to hire’ substantially to 14 days by using technology to identify Top candidates, sourced on its recruiters’ marketplace. Our unique, “RaaS ‘Recruitment as a Service’ Marketplace” democratizes the sector by empowering over 500 specialist recruitment agencies to seamlessly engage & fill a variety of job vacancies from a variety of employers, without any administrative or contractual hurdles. Employers get screened, highly relevant profiles with AI based matching, saving hours of productive time and reducing ‘Time to fill’ by nearly 70%. The estimated 65,000 recruitment service providers in India are pegged to grow by 15%, in line with the future of work and the expected global talent shortage”.

Sukhdeep Aurora, Chief People Officer at ANAROCK said that “hiringplug is a great agency aggregator that’s helped us ramp-up our hiring requirements. They align well with our contingent hiring needs and the single point coordination system makes it very easy to manage vendor performance.”

Internet has reduced the gap for innovation and providing scores of professionals to offer their services without boundaries. Hiringplug gives wings to such brilliance in the recruitment sector and connects them to highly qualified job vacancies, so they’re not dominated by large competitors.

“With hiringplug, it was almost effortless to become a recruitment entrepreneur after 20 years of corporate HR experience and quickly doubled our business. It required no initial investment and gave ample opportunity to work on job vacancies from diverse sectors” said Anjali, Founder of Careerways Executive search firm in Gurgaon.

Hiringplug also encourages entrepreneurship in Talent Acquisition by empowering Recruitment firms, Executive search consultants, independent recruiters and the fast growing “Gig recruiters” community,  to seamless work on jobs of their choice and expand business by focusing on their core strengths. An ideal platform for Niche hiring, head hunting, turnkey mandates, Diversity hiring, confidential leadership mandates and works across all sectors.

About Hiringplug:

Hiringplug endeavours to make recruitments a very pleasant & effective experience. It combines human & artificial intelligence to identify Top talent, faster than traditional methods. The marketplace aims to democratize the recruitment ecosystem by empowering specialist agencies to instantly work to their strengths, across organizations, without any administrative, contractual or legal hurdles. Hiringplug is helping scores of startups to build their teams and empowers large enterprises to consolidate their agency hiring.

The marketplace comprises of a large variety of Recruitment firms, Executive search consultants, independent recruiters and Gig recruiters to expand their business by focusing on their core strengths. An ideal platform for Niche hiring, head hunting, turnkey mandates, Diversity hiring and works across all sectors& job levels.

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