Hon’ble Vice President of India Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu inaugurates Rishihood University

inaugurates Rishihood University

New Delhi, 18th December 2021: Rishihood University, which is aimed to prepare leaders in the coming generations for social impact and nation-building, held its coveted inauguration ceremony on December 18, Saturday at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. The inauguration took place in the esteemed presence of the Hon’ble Vice President of India Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu.

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On the occasion, Hon’ble Vice President of India Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu said: “For any country to flourish and develop, it is important to draw from its roots. I’m happy to be inaugurating Rishihood University today, and I congratulate all faculty and students at this educational institution.”

The inauguration ceremony was hosted by Founding Chancellor & Rajya Sabha member, Shri Suresh Prabhu. Founding members like Motilal Oswal, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, and Ashok Goel, also expressed their thoughts at the event.

Books authored by Rishihood faculty members and founders were released by the Vice President. Ajay Gupta, the co-founder of Rishihood University and founder of Bachpan Playschools, has written a book titled ‘Decoding the Business Mind’ that talks about entrepreneurship, wealth creation, and Atmanirbhar Bharat. Professor Sampadananda Misra, a Sanskrit and philosophy scholar at Rashtram School of Public Leadership, Rishihood University, has put up a coffee-table book on the rishi tradition of India, documenting one of the largest series of rishis in ancient India.

With social impact being the University’s focal point, it believes in an ‘ecosystem’ approach to learning rather than isolated training and research. Establishing itself as India’s social impact university, it is incessantly working on a mission to enable equitable access to education and opportunity for all.

The name Rishihood signifies the state of being a Rishi and is derived from the inspirational discourses of Swami Vivekananda, who is the philosophical mentor to the Sonipat-based University. It has conceived a paradigm of education that will prepare ‘rishis’ or a generation of leaders who became a blessing to mankind through their thoughts and positive action. The University provides world-class education in academic areas including creativity, entrepreneurship, education, healthcare, and public leadership.

Suresh Prabhu, former minister and Founding Chancellor of Rishihood University, added that “India’s spiritual wisdom provides solutions to many of the pressing problems of today such as sustainability, mental health, global peace, and harmony. As the name signifies, our objective is to inspire the students, faculty, and the community to attain ‘Rishihood’, the state of being a Rishi. Passionate and conscious individuals can create prosperous and harmonious societies. I am delighted to support this mission as the founding Chancellor.”

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The university has launched novel initiatives to promote social impact such as the Center for Water, Center for Innovation in Governance, a gap year program for high school graduates, faculty development programs for K12 and higher education, and more.

Sahil Aggarwal, Co-founder & CEO, Rishihood University, elaborated that “ 2000 years ago, India was the global seat of higher learning. Universities like Takshashila not just attracted learners from all over the world, but created some of the finest leadership, impact, and scholarship in human history. For modern times, we wish to shape that vision in the form of Rishihood University, an effort to rebuild Takshashila for the coming centuries, reimagining education, and rebuilding Bharat.”

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