How EdTech is empowering different sections of society?


Education dynamics are witnessing the biggest shift in recent years, especially in India and it’s a rapidly growing technology sector. In the last decade, India has seen a rise in its EdTech industry which has proved to be pivotal in the inception of contemporary, global and personalised education formats, not just for students but also for teachers.

The ease of technology has powered education to become more accessible and many new startups are able to provide a holistic system that uplifts all sectors and areas of education. 

When it comes to building this empowered education system, an equal focus on both curriculum and teacher pedagogy is extremely crucial. It is the balance between these that helps institutions lay a strong foundation to enable young minds to prepare for the future. In the same context, there are two very different edtech platforms in India that are empowering teachers and students through their robust platform, technology and courses.

Suraasa is India’s leading E-learning and career growth platform for teachers that is focused on empowering the teaching community in line with the National Education Policy and breaking geographical boundaries in the education sector by extending global opportunities for teachers. Designed and developed by a team of credible researchers, their courses offer Professional Certificates in Teaching and Learning, Mandatory Professional Development, Child Development and Learning Styles along with many more. 

Sharing his views on the EdTech sector, Mr. Rishabh Khanna, CEO & Founder of Suraasa says, “Technology has transformed many aspects of our lives, especially how we teach and learn. Infact, teaching and learning have never been so widespread, accessible, and supported as it is now – anytime, anywhere and in multiple formats. Today, teachers are more intrigued to embrace new opportunities and give students more than just the information they might already know. They are keen to facilitate learning through innovation, technology and contemporary teaching techniques and even schools are looking forward to hiring such teachers for their students. That’s where Suraasa steps in – acting as a medium that encourages teachers to upskill themselves for modern-day classrooms and with 21st-century skills. Our advanced technology, international mentors, and up-to-date curriculums enable better teaching which further helps us create a sustainable impact. 

So, if a teacher today wants to transform their teaching completely and wants your mentorship, skill frameworks, and technological support we ensure to go out of our way, and put everything we have in order to provide a 360° change. That’s the biggest goal we have at Suraasa.” – He further adds

Independent EdTech startups for students have also been playing a pivotal role in this digital shift. Platforms like STEM Metaverse are dedicated to providing a holistic EdTech end-to-end platform designed to make new-age learning accessible to all students and bridging the gap between traditional school teaching methods and the rapid global change in technology and innovation. It integrates Metaverse technology and focuses on expanding STEM as ‘STREAMM’ that goes beyond just science and tech to offer a wider approach to Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Math, and Mental Health. 

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Sharing about EdTech and its impact, CEO & Co-founder of STEM Metaverse, Mrs. Ritika Kumar shares, “When people look at the EdTech sector, they often imagine online schools and teaching apps. However, the edtech sector isn’t just about classes, it includes STEM games, smart boards, and also Metaverse and Web3.0 solutions. It is time that we start innovating and adopting technology to customise every child’s learning journey by analysing what simple shares and exchange of NFTs within every student’s peer group. This offering them a healthy and strong recommendation engine to curate unique journeys and offer the best courses and products irrespective of where the child is. The idea here is to not replace schools and teachers, but to offer a layer over regular schooling, so that each child gets a curated learning approach and gets access to the best teachers globally, at a reduced cost.”

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