How to make international calls from UAE


UAE is mostly an expat majority country. A lot of people works here, earn and send that money back home.

Officially VoIP is banned by the UAE’s government and ofcourse, both Du and Etisalat local mobile networks blocks popular services like Viber, Skype, and WhatsApp calls. So how to make VoIP calls from UAE? Both Du and Etisalat provides special VoIP calling cards to make cheap international calls to many countries.

And here they are:

  1. Five VoIP Calling Cards

Five cards are provided by Etisalat and it is the Legal way to make cheap international calls from your mobile phone. It offers low rates to make calls to India, Nepal, SriLanka, Pakistan and many other countries. Five cards has these denominations: 15 AED, 30 AED and 50AED.

  1. Hello calling cards

Hello calling cards VoIP service is provided by Du network. It is another Legal way in the UAE to make international calls. The rates are about the same like Five cards and Hello cards also have same denominations.

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Where to buy Five and Hello Calling Cards? right now it is the only online store in UAE where you can buy online Five and Hello VoIP calling cards, along with other local UAE services. The most popular payment options are available on the portal like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Credit Cards.

Also, VoIP calling card will be available immediately after payment. It is really very simple and secure.

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