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Personality Development

In the modern age, almost everyone is aware of the term personality development and soft skills training. There are innumerable companies in India that promise to transform individuals into profound personalities. Still, the companies that are doing well in the market are limited and most of the start-ups fail even after a good start. The reason behind this is the poor execution of the concept.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

Here are few mantras to boost the growth of your personality development company:

Generate the need

Before pitching your programme, it is very important to generate the need of the programme in the city. People need to repeatedly be told terms like Spoken English, Professional etiquettes, communication skills etc. The city should be flooded with banners and posters that will generate the awareness and increase the need of the programme. Once, people get familiar with such topics, personality development workshops can be conducted to get early enrolments.

You can also invite few experts to deliver talks on alarming issues like gadget & internet addiction, importance of communication skills etc. A good public speaker will be able to generate interest and mould parents to join such courses.

Conduct City Level Contests

Free City Level contests work greatly in gathering a large number of students at one place. A two day free of cost aptitude test can be planned to generate interest among students. On the first day, the test can be conducted for students of different age groups in different time slots. The second day can be the prize distribution ceremony along with a 30 minute presentation of your personality development course. This will help pitching your programme in an effective way and will also help in getting admissions.

If parents register for the programme on the same day, early bird discounts can also be offered to get a good initial number. After few months, a talent hunt contest can be conducted. It will build a culture in the city and your organisation will get the desired identification.

A Potent Online Presence

Today, Social Media sites have become the biggest marketing platforms. You can promote your programme on social media sites by running campaigns on several thought provoking issues. In our organisation, Twin Win, we ran a gadget de-addiction campaign that involved around 25000 students from different parts of Uttarakhand. They were made aware of the ill effects of gadgets and were also asked to take a pledge to not use gadgets for more than 2 hours in a day. These campaigns help in cracking a deal in different institutions as the chance of getting invitations to conduct workshops on similar issues increases. One more way through which you can promote and grow your PD Company is “opinion polls”. Run opinion polls to make a strong impact on social media sites like Facebook. People relate a lot to opinion polls and ultimately you will build an audience that can later be contacted for workshops and other courses.

Local Media& CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Frequent event reports should be published in the local newspapers so that there is a buzz in the town regarding your business. You can invite the media personnel to different events and can also plan a press conference discussing the impact of soft skills training in the life of an individual. The presence in the local media will work wonders for your organisation.

Your organisation must have a CSR policy. The idea of having a CSR fund should not be limited to big companies and even smaller organisation must have a CSR policy. A CSR programme will benefit both your company and the society. You will be able to build a positive business reputation in the market.

These methods will only be fruitful if the content of your programme is unbeatable. New companies should first design a power packed curriculum so that these techniques bring maximum results.

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About the Author:

Vaibhav Pandeis the co-founder and CEO of TWIN WIN, a personality transformation organisation (ranked amongst top 20 training organisations in India). TWIN WIN isa training organization which trains around 20,000 individuals every year on areas like Communication Skills, Dramatics, Career Counselling, Creativity, Vedic Maths, Body Language etc.

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