How visually impaired students can use EdTech


EdTech can transform any kind of student irrespective of their various abilities or age. Nowadays, we can leverage technology to achieve a lot of things. Disabilities can be a limiting factor in the progression of a human being as a whole. EdTech Technology becomes an effective tool that assists students with different kinds of disabilities. Any kind of Visual impairment is one of the hardest things to deal with in the education sector. EdTech, however, offers various solutions that are fascinating in rather difficult conditions. So, Thesis Rush prepared some of the available tools for students with visual impairment.

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Braille machine

Among the many brailles is the BrailleNote Apex. It serves as a system for information management. It is an incredible machine with high lever applications ranging from email services to word processing. It’s is also a useful tool attributed to its wide range of plugins.

You are capable of typing using either the braille keyboard or the QWERTY keyboard. The BrailleNote Apex s compatible with Apple devices. It’s the perfect tool to start with for visually impaired students, thanks to its assortments of basic functionalities.

Audio Exam Payer

The Audio exam player is an app developed by Apple. The app has a useful function but limited. Most of the time, visually impaired students feel left out because of the need to have questions dictated to them by their teachers during exams. It can make someone blind embarrassed an uncomfortable. The Audio exam player comes in to save the day. The app simplifies the whole process more discrete, simple, and intuitive for a blind person taking exams. Do not expect any complications in the exam room since the app since it is user friendly.

Virtual Pencil

The Virtual Pencil is an app created by HenterMath. The app’s main goal is to solve mathematical equations via interaction. The app can connect to a screen reader for it to work effectively. The app reads out the feedback or displays them on the braille for the student when solving problems. The app gets rid of the complications in the whole process and makes learning for the visually impaired easy. The app also helps guide the student never to lose track of the process through its sophisticated navigation system. It also has a correction system where it allows the user to make corrections during the use of the app.

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TypeAbility typing instruction

The touch typing skill is not very common with visually impaired students. Learning how to type is important in their education. However, learning how to use the keyboard can be difficult for a blind person. A blind person that is good at typing most often has the edge over the others. Typing without the ability to see the letters implies that you will, at some point, be very fast and accurate. TypeAbility instruction has 99 different modules that will enable a person to master typing skills. Anybody that goes through this course will ultimately be a keyboard professional. Additionaly, it is compatible with a variety of keyboards from one-hander to laptop keyboards.

Audible by Amazon

It is the simplest but most effective one to use. Audible is similar to an audiobook service and a podcast. Its compatibility with all kinds of smartphones gives it the flexibility to use it as desired. Audible enables you to listen to all sorts of stuff using the accessibility option on your smartphone. It is a simple solution for any user, but more for visually impaired.

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A disability can be frustrating and limiting in the quest for education. The emergence of EdTech provides several options, which make disability a non-issue. Such a move boosts the quality of education for everyone.

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